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The Turtle Fur Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At the Turtle Fur Group we feel social responsibility is not a statement but an evolving collaborative action that starts at home and expands throughout the world to those involved in all aspects of our business, from our codes of conduct, to our standard of manufacturing practices, to monitoring, supporting and encouraging the betterment of people and our planet.


The Turtle Fur Group has a committee made up of individuals from all areas of the organization called The Green Team. Their mission is to police the environmental practices of the organization, its products, packaging practices, and continually recommend changes for the improvement of society and the environment. In the past few years, some of the many changes instituted were all the light fixture ballasts and light bulbs in our building were changed to new energy efficient models. Motion sensor switches were installed to control lighting and programmable thermostats were installed, reducing wasted energy use. Low flow commodes were installed thoughtout the building, sun tunnels were installed within interior spaces, new energy efficient heaters were installed in the warehouse, and all old computer equipment was recycled. We also reduced product packaging by almost 65% and replaced existing packaging with a higher content of post consumer material. The Turtle Fur Group also participates in Vermont's Green-Up Day.