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Turtle Fur

Where does anything begin but with an idea and a dream? Each of our uniquely individual brands here at The Turtle Fur Group has its own story, inspiration and voice, supported by an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, support of family and community, and love and respect for our planet…all while having fun.

Turtle Fur Brand

Turtle Fur outdoor accessories for all seasons and lifestyles. Turtle Fur has been synonymous with ski and cold weather accessories for over 30 years, but we’re so much more. For example, we significantly expanded our Comfort Shell™ active line (formerly Black Turtle Collection™) and our performance technical line, added new unlined Merino Wool knit hats and midweight Artisan Handmade Nepal Knits. Our famous Lectra Battery Heated Sox® originated with our Nordic Gear line and still lives on --based on popular demand - under the Turtle Fur Brand.

FU-R Headwear

You remember as a kid how much fun you had when you made your own ice cream sundae and you kept adding toppings upon toppings, and then more ice cream, then more toppings, then you took one of your Mother’s huge kitchen spoons and dug in…that’s FU-R Headwear. Ok, in business speak, we love designing, making and wearing hats. We have few rules other than making styles we are proud of, that fit and feel wonderful, have interesting textures, fibers and shapes, and that are not your standard everyday boring, always replicated, hats. Oh, and yes, we still have to clean up when we are done.

Vermont Originals

Vermont Originals was founded in 1971 by a business professor from Cornell and one of his students as a case study on cottage industry for the Cornell Business School.
 The main products are 100% wool hats knit in the traditional handcrafted manner by knitters in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. These skills have been handed down from generation to generation by their mothers, aunts, cousins or sisters. In addition to having a beautiful collection of 100% handcrafted hats, Vermont Originals also specializes in knitting logos for teams, schools and resorts directly into the hats.

Today Vermont Originals, as part of the Turtle Fur Group, continues this fine tradition of Made in Vermont, USA.

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800-526-3257 (1-800-52-necks)




Turtle Fur
146 Industrial Park Dr.
Morrisville, VT 05661 USA


Turtle Fur
146 Industrial Park Drive
Morrisville, VT 05661 USA