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Andre Mattos lives with an insatiable taste for adventure. As an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast- you'll find him somewhere outside every day. 

Q&A with Andre:

Where are you from? 

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina 

What are your most favorite outdoor activities?

I love scaling the tallest mountains that I can travel to with my dog and my friends. 

What's your dream trip?

Probably to Mount Everest - maybe one day we'll get out there.

What's your favorite outdoor spot?

Right outside my front door- when I stand there everyday it's the moment before all of the adventure happens and there's so much opportunity right in front of me. It's hard not to get excited from that spot. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Probably still climbing mountains- maybe I will take a few less risks! I'd like to be living near a ski town, that's for sure!

Any advice to novice outdoor enthusiasts? 

Take a dog with you! They're the best alarm system you can have when things aren't quite right (both during the day and the night time)

Dogs or Cats?

100% DOGS. 

Favorite Turtle Fur hat: 

I always have my merino with me. I like it because it's so lightweight and easy to pack. The fleece lining around my ears keeps me warm, but not too warm. 


Follow Andre on all of his adventures on instagram @mattos.andre