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Q&A with DB Palmer:

Where are you from? 

I'm from Colorado but currently living & thriving in Valdez, Alaska 

What are your most favorite outdoor activities?

Getting on the river, no matter what, is always my top choice. Rafting is something I try to enjoy while the water isn't frozen. Spending time with my family outside is also a daily priority and source of joy in my life. Lastly, mushing (which isn't really last).

What's your dream trip?

I'd love to see India

What's your favorite outdoor spot?

At the base of Mount Denali.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working on Copper River and the programs that we hold here for at-risk youth. Continuing to raise my family as best as I can and being a dedicated father and mentor. 

Any advice to novice outdoor enthusiasts? 

Bring a flashlight, wear a life vest. 

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs, preferably enough to pull a sled.

Favorite Turtle Fur hat: 

My USA merino wool hat is by far the best hat I have ever owned. I wear it as often as I can- will probably wear it down to the threads if that can even happen. It's a hardy hat with character and keeps me warm.

Want more of DB Palmer's awesome Alaskan adventures? Follow him on instagram @backcountry_professor