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Dianna Tran hails from Utah- nestled in the mountains right where she belongs. She loves snowboarding through the winter and adventuring in our National Parks throughout the warmer months. With so much energy, there's no stopping this girl from being & staying outside. 

q&a with Dianna

favorite activities: snowboarding and hiking

dream trip: a summer in Chile 

favorite outdoor spot: Beaver Creek 

where do you see yourself in 10 years: doing what i love most: exploring the outdoors while trying to save it from human-generated negative impacts

advice to novice outdoor enthusiasts: take prepared risks. always have a back up plan when you head out the door- whether you're skinning up a mountain alone or taking a new trail. the more prepared you are, the more at ease your mind will be and you can really enjoy your surroundings instead of worrying about the "could be's" inherent in an adventurous lifestyle. 

dogs or cats?: dogs! i have an 8 year old golden named bruin! he's my hiking buddy and i've climbed to the top of every mountain in vermont with him.

favorite turtle fur hat: that's a hard one, there are so many! i think i'd have to say the fjord beanie merino- it's always the right temperature from freezing rain to chilly spring mornings. 


Keep up with all of Diana's adventures on instagram @dheuit