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The mountains have been calling Eric since he was just 4 years old. Based out of Alaska, you’ll find him exploring higher altitudes on skis, in hiking boots, and in climbing shoes. He encourages all to move purposefully and patiently when on the mountain, taking the time necessary to fully enjoy and understand the space around them.


Eric on the mountainWhere is your hometown? 

Kinnelon, New Jersey 

Where do you currently reside? 

Girdwood, Alaska

What are your favorite ways to spend time outside?

Moving purposefully and patiently within the mountains! Whether skiing, climbing, or guiding on a big mountain, I truly enjoy bringing awareness into the adventure.

What is your most beloved piece of Turtle Fur gear?
Double layer performance neck warmer! Easy to breathe through at -40°F and still comfy up to the 30°- 40°F range!


What Turtle Fur product comes with you on every adventure, and why? 

Lightweight performance turtle tube due to its easy stow-away capability, wind buffer, and its sleek profile whether above or below chin. Please add this to your survival kit as well! 


What is your most cherished outdoor memory? 

The first time I flew into the Alaska Range, which brought on the depth and desire over the years to  constantly search for places that make you feel small as a human.

Eric on the mountainIf you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? 

Antarctica for its aesthetic ranges, diverse range or Species, crystal clear water, and skiing opportunities!

What is your day job?

Seasonal Mountain and Ski Guide

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

Fulfilling my dream job of being a Mountain Guide since I was 4 years old, which continues into life-long practice and progression.


Two truths and a lie:

I was Vegan for a 10 year period.

I threw a “perfect game” while pitching in Cooperstown, New York.

I’ve been a professional “Mono-Skier” for 4 years. 


Where should people go if they want to follow along on your adventures?

I hope I can meet everyone in person that I keep in touch with over social platforms, but in the meantime you can reach me at:

Instagram: @runsmilebreathe

Photography: @thealpineperspective

Eric on the mountain