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There's nothing like being outside and feeling a true sense of security. Take safety into your own hands this season by making yourself highly visible! We have everything you need (for every great reason there is) to discover the benefits of reflective hats, safety color headbands, neon necks and so much more. Whether it's the weekends spent on the mountain, your daily commute or your workout routine: there's always room for you to be bright & SHINE!

You love to run, but by the time you're ready to leave the office after finishing up at work- it appears the sun has too. The safest way to keep your feet pounding the pavement is to do it in highly reflective gear, which will keep you on the radar of all drivers who pass you by. With daylight savings in November and the shortest day of the year on its heels, things can get dark & cold pretty quickly. Using the illumination shone on you by vehicle headlights, Turtle Fur's Reflective Knit Hats mean you'll be able to safely glow AND keep warm at the same time. Our line of safety-conscious knits is perfect for cold-weather runners who cannot run around their daily work run-around. For those who tend to run hot (no pun intended) our bright neon headbands also offer a great way to stand out in the dark of night (er... 4:30pm....)

Mentally stimulating, easy on the knees and an excellent form of cardio, biking is one of the healthiest ways to get to and from your place of work while staying active! Unfortunately, it's also not the safest, due to just how congested our roads can be during the weekday rush hours. Throw on a cyclist-approved Totally Tubular in Day Glo, Glo Stik, Blaze Orange or Hot Pink & shine on in your bright 2-wheeled fashion! It wicks sweat, blocks sun, wind and rain, all with a super soft brushed interior and anti-microbial fabric. Now you can arrive to the office safely and looking effortlessly fresh.

Weekend hikes are beautiful, especially during the transition seasons. Be seen while taking in the scenes by adding highly visible accessories next time you decide to hit the trails! Many states hunting seasons begin in September and continue through April. Even if you're in a state where you are unconcerned, unaware or unsure of hunting seasons, you always want everyone in the woods know that you're there- as clear as day. For hiking in full color through more temperate weather, we recommend the Two Face Headband in Cool As A Cucumber or Rainbow Vision, which heads to cover ears without overheating the wearer. Another great option for hikers looking to stand out in the crowd in the Chelonia 150 Double Layer Neck in Day Glo. Chelonia 150's light to mid-weight coverage (depending on its layer count) is only matched by its incredibly soft and plush feel against your skin- providing just enough weight to block wind and seal out wet, drafty weather without slowing you down.

Hunting season! As mentioned above in great reason #3 - hunting season occurs all over the country at different times throughout the year. Most commonly, the Fall and Winter months are those will the largest amount of of open season time. Protect yourself whether you are hunting or simply hiking while hunting is happening, by assuring that you are instantly recognizable to anyone within earshot. With extremely bright, neon colors found in our Original Turtle Fur Headbands and other accessories, you'll be as obvious as possible in the woods. Check out the Original Turtle Fur Hat, Neck and Turtle Band in Blaze Orange, DayGlo and Glo Stik online. For anyone who wants lighter-weight options, the Comfort Shell Totally Tubular and Brain Shroud collection in Hi-Viz options (which include Hot Pink!) are other wonderful options to add some lightweight, hiviz insulation without breaking a sweat.

Your dog needs to go out, it's just a fact of life. If you're going to be going out before bed to help Fido blow off some energy, or just as a part of their routine outing before bed, make sure that you stand out in the darkness. Everyone driving, biking or walking by should know that both you and your dog are there- especially if and when you are holding a leash. You won't catch people off guard, and neither will your dog when they slow down & recognize your presence in reflective accessories. It's an easy and safe choice to avoid the dangers of late night driving with low visibility. Use the cars own headlights with our Moon Phase Reflective Beanie. For chillier days (or time spent idling at the dog park) check out the Original Turtle Fur Fleece necks in Blaze and Day Glo!

Stock up on Hi-Viz gear for the kids! Whether or not they're out on the mountain or playing in the woods during a snow day- you'll be happy to spot them instantly in a crowd of others. We love the bright neon Sharkaclava as a great option for kids who ski and snowboard, along with the classic Shellaclava options from Turtle Fur, with some neon options available for hi-viz convenience. For adults wanting to stand out for friends in groups, the Brain Shroud makes an excellent underhelmet option for wicking sweat with anti-microbial fabric.

When you decide to take a breather from the "real world" and escape to the beauty of nature, it might just be one of the most rewarding experiences that a weekend can offer. This season, whether you're snowshoeing, fat biking, ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing or ice climbing (how adventurous!) it is important to recognize those types of activities' location take place in relative stranded-ness. Take action with some easy-to-spot colors as additions to your outerwear for these "out-there" activities. Getting lost or disoriented in the woods is a reality, and it can be a frightening realization that your outfit might not be the best garb for those searching for you - day or night. We recommend some warm duds in neon - like the Original Turtle Fur Hat and Neck for those going on foot, and The Ninja Hunting Balaclava in Blaze Orange for anyone four-wheeling, fat-biking or snowmobiling. You can always keep them in your pack so that they are on hand if the need ever arises.

Braving the cold for exciting Winter events are the things we look forward to every year! Whether you participate in activities during such outings, or if you volunteer your time to help run a project for one, you know what it's like to start feeling the cold. Long periods of time spent outside at such events can take a toll on you mentally and physically, making it important to keep warm and be recognizable as a volunteer or staff member by those in attendance. Bright colors are particularly good for events (as a participant, volunteer, spectator or guest) when skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, runners and especially cars at parking sites are involved to facilitate on-site attendance. We recommend the Original Turtle Fur Fleece Hat, Neck or Headband for those who know that they will be remaining in one spot for a while.

The thankless job of tidying up... and the work is never finished! Do you get up early to complete your chores, work out, to-do's or (or late to do's)? We do - & consensus shows that the only thing harder than a morning spent up extra early is waking up at that hour to what looks and feels like night time outside! Not only are routine chores made increasingly challenging by low temperatures and minimal lighting, but they can also become great reasons to be SEEN in neon and reflective accessories. If you're taking out the trash close to your road, or a busy bodied morning runner who stays directly on the road or just beside it, you're essentially always exposed to traffic. Co-existing successfully with sleepy drivers is key - so, make sure you reflect the light from their cars and use it to your best advantage with the Lookout Reflective Beanie from Turtle Fur. For lighter-weight options, try out the Comfort Shell Brain Shroud Beanie and our Totally Tubulars, which are a lightweight, breathable accessories meant to block wind while antimicrobial fabric keeps you from feeling too stifled first thing in the morning.

The standard of warmth, quality and functionality are first and foremost in the design process at Turtle Fur. We know how to keep people warm through the coldest winters around. Living in a state with nature addicts, avid hunters and commutes make us very aware of the benefits in hi-viz gear. Try out any of our fleeces, knits and technical performance fabrics in our Reflective Knits or Hi Viz collections to see just how great (and safe!) this season can be.