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Mother's Day is coming up and it's time to make some mom-worthy plans. Whether your mom prefers suits over jeans or fishing over shopping- there's a way to spend this magical day outdoors (and keep it fun)!

We've compiled a list of 10 unique ideas for outdoor activities and projects for you to choose from; all of them get you outside and spending some quality family time together. 



Make a bird house (or a bat house)


It’s easier than you think! Making a bird house and finding the perfect place for it next to a window are all parts of the planning process with mom. Figuring out what shape, size and material you want to use is collaborative and exciting. Plus, you get to be outside and the project lets you spend quality time working creatively. Another plus – no beds to make in this house!

If you’re asking why anyone would want to harbor bats, we have two words for you: mosquito eaters. Oh yes! Not only are bats uninterested in humans, they take care of the insects that can ruin outdoor fun. So, they’re actually pretty good residents to welcome to the neighborhood.

We’ve found some awesome tutorials for all different skill levels for bird house, bat house and bird-feeder making below!

DIY Bat House from the DIY NETWORK | DIY Bird Traditional Bird House | DIY Bird Feeders




Picnic with Mom


So, it might sound cliché – but is it? When is the last time you enjoyed a picnic, yet alone one with your mom? Now’s the time to plan it. Invest in a classic blanket and basket and make something delicious to nosh on. Whether it’s a local park or a not-so-local outdoor space, the beautiful scenery and quality time spent together will be worth the trip. Cheers to spring (and to mom)!




Hiking Time


Even if the path is flat – grab your camera and hit the trails with mom. There are few things better than taking in the sights and sounds of the forest with family. You’ll end up with so many beautiful sights to remember; plus, you can capture the special experience in photos and share it with friends and family on mother’s day (your mom will love posting about her hike on FB, too).

Check out these great hiking caps for sun and glare protection before you hit the trails.




Quick Garden


Making a windowsill garden out of succulents is super easy in the long term and short term – not to mention how great they look throughout spring, summer and winter! You can plant or place them outside in the warmer months and bring them inside throughout the colder ones. The best part? They’re easy to pot and even easier to care for. Learn more about how to find, choose and pot succulents here.

Tip: Anyone who loves succulents will need this hat.




Guarantee Her Fresh Herbs!


Building a vertical herb garden is so easy – especially when all you need is an old pallet! We’ve found this awesome guide that shows you how to make an outdoor display that will keep your mom excited to use (and look at) for the warmer months. Added bonus: home made dinners just got a dash of garden-fresh gourmet. 

Tip: Our must-have gardening hats are ready for their moments in the sun.




Custom Stepping Stones


It might sound hard – but it’s actually a great way to give mom a gift that will last a lifetime. A little elbow grease goes a long way when you’re mixing up some hand-whipped concrete and baking it into the perfect pathway shape. It’s the perfect project for two people on a sunny day in spring! Click here to learn more about how simple and fun this activity is.




Create a Cozy Fire Pit


Who doesn’t love summer nights spent outside by the fire? Building a functional fire pit is not as difficult as you might think! The construction materials are pretty basic and available at your local gardening center or home improvement store. Cinder blocks, bricks, stone or concrete- load up your car and head to mom’s for a fun project with a result that she’ll enjoy all summer long. We chose a from a few different layouts, like a square fire pit vs. other options.




Mountain Biking for the Adventurous


So, maybe you love mountain biking but you’re not sure that your mom will? Totally logical conclusion – but, think of the fun she’ll have trying it out! Encourage her to take it easy and stay on beginner terrain while enjoying the great outdoors together. The best part will be how proud she’ll be to tell her friends about her adventures with you on Mothers Day. To find resources on local mountain biking clubs (they can tell you where a “first run” is best and where to rent mountain bikes) visit IMBA.com

Oh and don’t forget a helmet & helmet liner for mom!




Walk With Some New Furry Friends


Whether you have a family pet or not, everyone loves some time with a puppy. Plan ahead and reach out to your local animal shelter to inquire about potential dog-walking needs. Many shelters encourage volunteer dog walking whenever it’s available to them! Imagine the fun you and your mom will have with the many Fidos waiting to stretch their legs. It’s a great way to help out a local organization, help animals in need stay healthy and spend quality time with mom outside. Also- you never know- maybe it’s the walk that gets them noticed by a future shelter visitor!

Tip: Bring some coffee for the morning walk




Farmers Market Visit


When was last time you or your mom ate the freshest produce available with no mystery origins? It's time to visit your local farmers market and take a bite out of summer's harvest. With Spring in full bloom, there are so many weekend options out there just waiting for your visit! Plan ahead and use social media outlets to aid in your search of local Farmers Markets to visit in your area.


Bonus points: Want to spend some time outside, but want to present the completed gift to mom for her big day? Wash her car (or mow that lawn). The smallest things can have a big impact - and go over much better than material gifts.

Simple enough, right? Surprise your mom with a little auto-TLC and spend some time catching rays in the process. Winter’s salt and snow will be but a distant memory when she sees her ride shining in the April sun!