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Keep them warm, keep them dry: it's a mantra that parents live by here in Vermont. That doesn't mean that location is everything when it comes to wanting your little ones to be cozy and comfy this season! From super fun character hats to bona fide snow-bunny gear, we have gifts they'll love to receive and wear while the snow falls!

double up

fleece neck warmer ski scarf for kids

1. the original turtle fur® fleece rubix neck warmer

it's double everything: double the color, double the warmth, double the layers and double the fun! Little ones will love staying warm in the decadently soft Original Turtle Fur® Fleece neck warmer. You'll love it thanks to its two thick layers of fleece, which are seamlessly joined to create a heat-trapping pocket in the center of the neck warmer. All the warmth generated by your little one will stay put, slowly radiating in the fibers between the fleece to keep them warm and toasty in the face of mean weather this winter!

wild at heart

fawn deer hat animal knit hat kids

2. fawned of you beanie from the turtle fur kids collection
3. the hedge hog beanie from the turtle fur kids collection

they're super cute, and super wild - so let their hats reflect it! From monsters to dinosaurs, hedge hogs to fawns - we have every character hat to suit every kid. You'll love the fact that they're fully lined with fleece, and they'll love to show it off in front of all of their friends. The perfect gift lets them shine in their holiday spirit (and spirit animal!)

snuggle up

kids and adult onesie

4. the kids couch sack fleece onesie for camp fires, cold nights and lots of winter snuggles!

you're never too old for a onesie on a cold winter's day! they will be begging to spend their snow days ready to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and a good book with the kids onesie couch sack! Made just for their size, the couch sack is super warm & toasty (with pockets!) Did we mention, it comes in an adult size, too?

saving face

kids balaclavas skiing masks facemasks

5. the curly fur shellaclava has the softest fur-leece neck you've ever felt.
6. our kids frostklava balaclava boasts an extra hemmed-in layer of fleece around the opening for full force protection against weather and wind
7. the classic kids shellaclava never fails to keep them warm under that helmet with a breathable hood and warm original turtle fur fleece neck.
8. the prints on our playful prints balaclava choices make wearing facemasks and helmets FUN as can be!

don't let those sweet cheeks get sunburned, wind-swept or frozen! Whether they're on the mountain donning a helmet or out in the woods having fun, you'll want to protect every inch of delicate ears, eyes and cheeks! Our incredible spread of balaclavas and facemasks make the choice so much easier for you and for them. Bright colors, rad patterns, fluffy necks and easy-to-wear options make skiing, snowboarding, snowman building - even waiting for the school bus on that day they should have cancelled classes- that much better.

& there's so much more to see!

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