A Product Experience: The Gaia Headband

A Product Experience: The Gaia Headband

Headbands to Tame Tresses Through Yoga and Beyond

Let’s start at the beginning: Why yoga is important to me.

Yoga is important to me because it is a practice which brings me peace and allows for me to find space. This space is critical so that I can think creatively when I’m off the mat. As a designer, this is an important function in order to accomplish my tasks in that role.

As a person with “wild” hair, I seek out headband options that will work with my routine and my locks. More specifically, I first and foremost look for a single feature: wrangling. Secondary to wrangling, I look for products that are both flexible and comfortable. Turtle Fur’s Gaia Headband gives me that flexibility between choosing if my yoga session should be all wrapped up or loose and comfortable. It has been one of the few products that accommodates my hair and my active lifestyle. My favorite part about having such a comfortable headband is that it meets my needs so that I can focus on my practice.

Not only do I love the way it fits but I love the way it looks and the way I feel when I wear it. It’s very uplifting to be supported by a good product made with love in Nepal for Turtle Fur.

Be wild, Be free, Be whatever you want to be!