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finding the perfect gift for mom, sissy, grandmom, your bestie, wife (or ALL of them) just got a whole lot easier.

We're listing all of the things that every outdoor woman would love to unwrap for the holidays. Make sure you know their favorite colors, because turtle fur has all but too many to choose from!

Oh- the best part? We're totally gift wrapping now.

merry shopping!



1. The Perfectly Weighted Merino Wool Beanie



Merino Beanies and fleece linings

1. the flakes and stuff tassel beanie with a classic topper & Nordic patterns
2. the head to head slouch merino beanie with a cute and fun faux fur pom
3. the crystal persuasion beanie from our merino wool knits line with a clean silhouette


She will l o v e the merino wool beanie you choose because it's always the right weight and coverage for the given outdoor conditions. There's something magical about the way it somehow provides ideal protection whether the mercury reads 30F or -30F. With a fleece earband lining tucked away on the inside, she'll be able to stay active with heat release through the crown but also keeping her ears warm and cozy from the wind.

merino wool beanies





2. Protecting her face from wind, weather and sun



Womens Ski Accessories Face Protection

4. Our comfort shell performance shellaclava provides a mid-weight feel with superb coverage all with a wicking under helmet hood.
5. The Comfort Shell Ninja balaclava is a single-layer under helmet piece that won't weigh her down
6, our classic midweight shellaclava is always a hit on the slopes with a thick double layer neck that is softer than anything you'll find mountain-side.
7. The Comfort Shell Ninja balaclava is a single-layer under helmet piece that won't weigh her down


If you someone who loves to spend their weekends on the mountain, hitting the trails or riding outdoors - they will thank you for a warm, soft and reliable face mask. Between glare from the sun off of the snowy slopes and wind at high speeds from riding and biking - winter is no playground for anyone's cheeks. Let her know you care about keeping her skin healthy and comfy with any of our under helmet, multi-functional or facemask specific accessories.

Underhelmet and facemask skiing snowboarding for women by Turtle fur



3. Fleece so warm it's stood the test of time



8. the Original Turtle Fur Fleece Neck is where it all began. Soft, lightweight with heavyweight coverage and fluffy.
9. The Hat is one of our most popular products for winter. Two layers of fleece trap heat between the fabric and hold on to it to warm up any and every winter adventure.


There are few fabrics as warm, lofty, soft and heat-retentive as our Original Turtle Fur Fleece. As the first product from Turtle Fur in 1983, it was successfully designed to stand up to the most brutal Vermont winters. With two layers of fleece creating a heat-trapped air pocket in between the fibers, there's no stopping her from going another round on the ski lift or finishing the hike she started!

Womens fleece winter hats




4. Winter doesn't stop the active.

10. The Out and About Beanie is the best way to look chic and in style while keeping active during the colder months. Sweat-wicking, colorful and lightweight, this beanie gathers in the center for a flattering shape and minimal impact style.
11. The Pony Up Ponytail Performance Beanie allows for her to workout without stifling her hair. Buns and ponytails often get the short end of the stick during winter, awkwardly tucked up and into hats to avoid icicles, tangles from wind and/or heat escaping. Now, the opening built in to this micro fur beanie means she can keep it all in stride during her morning runs or while enjoying the great outdoors.
12. The Lightweight Totally Tubular is a single layer neck warmer tube with multi-functional utility built in. It can be worn up to 15 ways, including as a make-shift balaclava, a beanie, a headband and more!


Is she a powerhouse who never wants to let the most frigid days of winter interrupt her running or work-out schedule? We know those types, too. In fact, many of the Turtle Fur turtles have been the ones to suggest which active wear and performance pieces would help them the most while they stay active throughout the winter.

Womens winter running ski and snowboarder accessories from Turtle fur







5. Her life, her style.




Trendy Beanies

13. The Glamper faux fur pom beanie is perfect for the ski bunny in everyone. With a little bit of glamour sewn right into the warm and soft knit hat, the topper is the perfect way to punctuate this trendy must-have.

14. She'll love the Neutral Zone hand knit beanie with its thick, chunky knit and warm soft interior.


Our lifestyle collection is full of the best in winter trends for 2017. 2018 and beyond. Faux Fur poms, fierce Nordic designs, chunky knits and oversize toppers all come together to create the chic, wild and fun choices she will love in our lifestyle collection! The best part is that no woman has to sacrifice warmth in the place of fashion.

Faux Fur pom hats

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