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Winter is here, and it's time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

We've put together our top picks for the ultimate adventure-loving, skier, snowboarder, snowshoer, thrill seeker outdoorsman! (...Or just the right hats for those brutal morning commutes!)


The Commuter Beanies


1. the titus beanie is proudly made in the USA. it features a soft wool composition and a warm, double barrier cuff at the bottom. arrive static-free.
2. heavy weight deep cover cap is enough to weather any storm. the shallow bill makes it neat and tidy while the double layers keep on keepin' on.

When it comes to the early (and dark) winter mornings, getting to work can feel like a job in it of itself! We've found a few of the PERFECT beanies for the commuting professional!

Check out our top picks, including the titus beanie: It's warm and soft (check, check) but also doesn't mess up his hair the way other hats do. It's not only a feel-good, American-made product, but it also looks good! Static electricity is kept at bay thanks to the the wool ingredients wrapped up in this beanie, so he'll arrive to the office as polished as possible, even after braving a blizzard to be in the office.

If a cuffed beanie is a little too relaxed for his style, check out our heavyweight deep cover cap - it's low-key and neat. Matching any outfit and featuring a super low-profile fit + shallow visor, you'd never know it's packed to the gills with fleece on the inside to cover his head and ears against the worst that winter has to throw your way.



The Slope Sidekicks


1. the ninja balaclava is comprised of our lightweight material, comfort shell - which allows for a breathable fit underneath beanies and helmets.
2. the heavyweight shellaclava is all business for the coldest and windiest days. The double layer fleece neck fuses seamlessly with the comfort shell hood for an easy under-helmet fit and protection where you need it most.

Got a mountain guy on your list? A ski bum? The one who knows all the lifties? We know just what will make his #weekendwarrior lifestyle all the warmer! Check out the amazing neck and face mask coverage waiting to hit the slopes in our men's collection.

The the ninja performance balaclava is a great, lightweight addition to anyone's skiing or snowboard pack. You'll love the soft, brushed interior and the way the Comfort Shell exterior blocks the wind while also protecting skin from sun and glare. It's breathable material makes it perfect for under-helmet wear.

Looking for something a little bit beefier than our single-layer ninja? All of our heavyweight shellaclavas are made to withstand the must brutal conditions on the mountain or through the woods. Wind, snow, freezing rain and sleet have nothing on these jack-of-all trades clavas.



Keep Pom & Carry On



5. the get lost pom beanie is bright & retro inspired, but is only one of the poms we have for your guy.

If he likes "old school cool" then he's totally going to dig one of our vintage inspired pom beanies. It's really not the holidays until someone arrives in a colorful ski hat with a multi-colored pom on top, right?

Ranging from heavyweight to lightweight options, there is no shortage of the perfect pom-topped statement for his favorite outdoor activities this season. Masculine, sleek, classic and wild: we have them all. Better yet, they'll keep him warm, dry and stylish whether he's snowshoeing through the weekend or enjoying an apres ski at the lodge.

Show him that you "get" his sense of nostalgic style with the click of your mouse! Oh and gift wrapping? We have that, too. Check out a ton of men's pom beanies waiting to make their winter debut under the Christmas tree.



Merry-go Merinos


6. the torchwood merino features modern, simple, clean lines.
7. the franz is a mid to lightweight merino beanie with perfect Nordic-inspired patterns.
8. the lift line tassel beanie is bright & retro inspired, but is only one of the poms we have for your guy.

Merino wool is absorbent, warm when wet, odor-resistant and the perfect weight. It truly seems that no matter if the wind is blowing, the rain is falling or the snow is whipping, grabbing one of our merino knit beanies is the right answer. He'll love the classic, sleek design and soft fleece-lined band on the inside. Releasing heat through the top with extra coverage around the sides means less time spent sweating and more time spent smiling while enjoying the outdoors this season. Check out all of our men's merino beanies and find the perfect gift for your guy!






9. the patriotic knit beanie is a midweight, fully lined piece of art (bonus: there's a pom).
10. the old glory beanie is a handcrafted, Vermont made heavyweight wool beanie, fully lined with our softest & warmest fleece.
11. the long may it wave merino beanie is a light-to-midweight option that shows your true colors with a sleek, low-profile fit
12. the USA stripes beanie is handcrafted right here at turtle fur in vermont. American made and built to last, this beanie features a full fleece lining- and a most classic tassel.
13. the USA moose tassel beanie is an all-time favorite from our handcrafted Vermont Originals line. scoop up this swag for a patriot who loves cold weather, or make your own custom USA made knit hat with our online custom hat designer.

So many options.... how could any patriot choose their favorite? That's up to you! Our Americana and American Flag beanies are all unique additions to winter. Choose whichever red, white and blue knit hat you think he'll love the most. Perfect for those who love nothing more than to show off their USA pride through any weather.



Neck (in) Neck


14. the double lined pipedream neckwarmer is perfect for the guy who refuses a scarf - no matter how cold it gets.

Tangled up in the business of a scarf is no place for a man on-the-go to find themselves. Help him simplify staying warm outside with the super easy, super warm pipedream neck warmer. The exterior is comprised of our soft, breathable comfort shell fabric, and the inside features a double layer of fleece, trapping heat in the inside pocket formed around the entire piece. That means there is tons of extra heat to hold on to while he's busy doing what he loves to do out side.


& there's so much more to see...

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