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  -  Transitioning to Cooler Weather -

Fall might just be the best time of the year: It's crisp, colorful and most importantly, it's the peak of fashion! Fashion doesn't always have to be about looks alone though - we've found a functional accessory that's a great addition to any wardrobe in a transitional season. Grab a pop of color and block out the cooler drafts from the gym to the office wearing the sweat-wicking, lightweight, UPF 50+ Backcountry Bandana. The Backcountry Bandana is essentially a kerchief: it was designed to replace cotton bandanas that get soaked (and icky) in a hurry. Instead of the standard composition, the Backcountry Bandana is made out of our proprietary fabrics, Comfort Shell™, and Sun Shell™. These two tech fabrics were designed to keep up with all busy-bodies and athletes through all seasons.

Another thing to love? They're on sale, now through September 10th 2016 with code: BANDANAGRAMS

In New England, the Backcountry Bandana has been wrapped around many a face on blustery days and tucked underneath goggles for those hitting the ski slopes.For Fall, we love it as a transition item for a transition season: Keep it on your person and you'll always have a fresh, wind-blocking scarf to cover your neck as the days slowly get cooler. What's better than lunch time work outs?  Coming back from them looking just as polished. Sport it to work for a touch of style and then throw it on again after the gym, either tied around the neck or knotted as a scarf. While you stay looking chic and put-together, the Backcountry Bandana is secretly wicking sweat and freshening you up with its Sun Shell and Comfort Shell™ antimicrobial & moisture management properties. Essentially, you're doing two things at once while you head back to the office or out for the evening, the ultimate multi-tasking freebie.


Ways to Wear: Bandanagram Mix & Match



-Innovation in Motion: Use it as a chic ponytail tie when you're on the go and need to put it all up

-Easy-Peasy Storage: Keep it on your bag handle for easy access - it'll be a style statement (and you won't lose it)

-Sporty Chic: Use is as a headband when you need to keep hair out of your face and sweat off your brow

-The First Lady: Use it as a chic headscarf when the low sun starts feeling strong (we imagine Jackie-O or Grace Kelly in a convertible)

-The Bond Girl: Wear it as a turban wrap at the pool or spa (UPF 50+ material blocks 97%+ of the sun's harmful UV rays)

-The Pan Am: Wear it as an ultra-feminine neck tie to work, to brunch, from the gym and beyond!

-The Bandit: Skiing, riding, cycling, running and more - the bandit style wrap covers your mouth, nose and cheeks to shield you when the wind gets wicked

-The Rosie: This multi-functional piece is riveting: roll up your sleeves and tie this bandana over your head and under your hair for classic bandana head coverage (You can do it!)


-The scarf: With a loose bow or not in the front or back, you can emulate the silk designer scarves for your office style and block the cold from any low collared jacket

-Over the shoulder:  Nothing is better than freshening up after a great workout - keep your Backcountry Bandana on hand at the gym. It will be your best friend as a gym outfit finisher and you'll feel the power of Comfort Shell's convenient moisture management when you need it most.

We love to add it to more formal, neutral colors as a professional pop of color to cheer up any outfit in need of a little boost. It goes both ways: for those indulging in the Fall seasonal colors, throw on a neutral Backcountry Bandana to tone down the deep tones of the season's harvest.

The bandana is officially functional and fashionable, so head to our bandana collection page and find the ones that fit your Fall wardrobes from your workout gear to your date night best.

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