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Shelby Farrell

A historic seaport, with its salty river funneling into Fisher’s Island Sound, Mystic, Connecticut, is a coastal gem. I am fortunate to call this haven my hometown.

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 Shelby in the Mudra Trucker hat 

After disappearing to college in Vermont, and staying there after starting a career, I realized that I had left behind a pretty incredible place. Recently, while visiting  family in Mystic and showing my husband around, I decided to take a more intrepid approach in how I shared the town to fresh eyes. From now on, I won't do it any other way!

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The key is to dig into your adventurous spirit and fully experience your surroundings. We accomplished this by mixing up our modes of transportation. For those of you inspired to try something new, stand up paddle boarding is an incredible way to see the area from a new perspective.

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP Turtle Fur Gear Outdoor Brand

Paddle boarding is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. It also is a phenomenal low-impact workout, and anyone can do it! The best part about it is the vantage point achieved from standing on a board as it glides over the water. This allows you to look down into the river and scope out the little critters swimming below, while also enjoying the view in the distance. If you’re in the mood to take a seat, kayaking offers many of the same awesome benefits and most rental places have both options. Adventure Mystic will happily set you up in either if you are visiting Mystic, Connecticut!

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Bike rentals are another way to avoid traffic, get exercise and cruise around a small town. As a child I have fond memories of my parents renting bikes while visiting Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Those trips stand out vividly in my mind. Rolling down quaint side streets on our way to get an ice cream cone is a dream that I’d gladly play on repeat. By actively exploring your surroundings the memories made have much more depth to them.

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If you’re lucky enough to have friends with a boat, get on it! There is nothing like the wind kissing your face while charging through the waves. Finding the perfect spot to drop the anchor to have a floating picnic is my kind of lunch date!


Make the most out of what your next destination or own backyard has to offer by taking a deeper dive into your surroundings this summer. As Unknown said, “Go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things.”



Photo credit: Jason Gerhart @fresh_world_press