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Kids are Characters 365 days out of the year, so Halloween isn't that scary for parents after all. That said, your little one can dress the part with our sweet and fun Kids are Characters Collection. Kids' animal beanies, monster earflaps and fairy tale hats are all lined with fleece and super comfy to wear.

To make life that much easier, we compiled all the looks we know will save the day for last minute costume ideas (and make kids excited to keep their hats on throughout the winter on the coldest days spent playing outside!)


Here's our list of easy & instant costumes for a cold Halloween:




1. Lumberjack

Lumberjack Halloween Costume DIY Kids Ideas

Being a lumberjack for halloween isn't so hard when a lot of it is hiding in your closet! We chose these super warm Osh Kosh B'Gosh fleece-lined overalls, a flannel shirt from carters and our own Brodey Pom beanie to finish off the look.




2. Cat

Galactic Kitty Costume Hat for Kids DIY Halloween

It's so easy to be a kitty cat this year! Our ingredients for this adorable cat costume consist of a plain & simple black turtleneck (Carter's Black Turtleneck) paired with simple black leggings from old navy. The clinchers are the turtle fur galatic kitty hat and these adorable furry boots from acorn.




3. Penguin

DIY Penguin costume idea for kids

Being a penguin is simple enough! Grab your favorite fair of black leggings, some yellow Cat & Jack Rain Kids Tall Rainboots and a Penguin T-Shirt for Kids off of Amazon for a super slick Halloween costume! Don't forget the turtle fur penguin beanie to let everyone know that just like a penguin, you'll stay warm outside.




4. Woodland Creature


DIY Halloween Costumes Fawn Deer Woodland Creature Kids Childrens Girls

It's so simple! Any brown polka-dotted outfit will do just fine to turn your little bambino into a bambi. We chose a cute and easy to throw on Pulla Bulla Polkadot Dress. Pair the dress with some "hoof" styled shoes, like these Happy Soda Platform Mary Janes for Kids, and then all you need is our adorable hat Fawned of You, complete with cute little ears and all.




5. Hedgehog


Hedge Hog halloween costume DIY Ideas for Kids

Definitely hedge your bets on the hedge hog costume idea for your kid this Halloween! Warm and easy to piece together, all you need is something fuzzy to wear underneath a brown pair of overalls or with brown pants. We chose this adorable kids faux fur jacket from guess and paired it with some simple Carhartt overalls . You'll need the hedgie hedgehog beanie from turtle fur to let everyone know what kind of woodland creature won for their costume of choice this holiday!




5. Ninja

Ninja DIY Costume  for Kids balaclava fleece warm skiing snowboarding

We took a cute long sleeved black sweater from Toomett and paired it with some mid-calf pants from french toast. The finishing touch comes with our midweight ninja balaclava for the perfect stealthy ninja look this Halloween. All you need is a balaclava and matching outfit and you're ready to sneak through the night and into the doorways of candy-bearers!




6. Shark

DIY Shark Halloween Costume idea

Your little one's candy bag will be packed to the gills when they show up smiling in this adorable ensemble! This might be the easiest costume on the list: one and done for the coverall one-piece rain suit from Splashy kids and then the famous turtle fur sharkaclava on top. We kind of wish they made these two masterpieces for adults, too.

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