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Kids' Holiday Gift Guide

Kids' Holiday Gift Guide

kids' holiday gift guide, christmas gifts for kids who ski, christmas gifts for kids who snowboard


Winter is coming here, and we have the perfect kids’ holiday gifts to keep them warm all season long. Be that on the playground, at their favorite sledding hill, waiting for the bus, or chilly days on the mountain, we have the gear to keep them outside. They’ll love the look and feel of our beanies and clavas, and you’ll be happy knowing they’re protected from the cold, snow, windburn, and sun.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be difficult (but we know it can be) so we made a kids’ holiday gift guide to get you in the spirit, and to help you find the perfect presents for the kids who love to be outdoors as much (or even more) than you do.


Toddler (ages 1-3):


Dino Storm BeanieDino Storm: Because dinosaurs are all the rage (honestly, did they ever go out of style?) choose this watch cap style beanie for your son or daughter. They’ll be warm in this fully-self lined winter hat, and because they love the design so much, they won’t want to take it off.



Hazel Hand Knit BeanieThe Hazel: This chunky knit toddler beanie provides long lasting comfort and coverage. It’s fully-lined with fleece, so it feels insanely soft against their skin and gives them an extra layer of warmth. This is a great beanie for a snowy playdate with the neighbor, or to keep them warm while snowshoeing with mom and dad.



West Hill Watch Cap West Hill Watch Cap: Made of our proprietary technical fabric, this watch cap brings a whole lot to the table. It’s insanely warm, has a brushed interior (meaning it will feel soft against your child’s skin), is breathable and quick drying (key for super cold days when the snow is falling) and is cuffed at the ears for extra coverage where it matters most. A great choice for every outdoor adventure.



Neckula Shellaclava, holiday gift ideas for toddlersThe neckula is a great add on to whichever beanie you choose. It’s heavyweight and is made of a combination of our technical fabric and Original Turtle Fur® fleece. It’s both insanely soft, and insanely warm. Sure to protect their neck from the snow and cold, no matter how cold it gets.



Print Balaclava, holiday gift ideas for toddlers Print Balaclava: A midweight, single-layer clava to keep their head, face, and neck warm, our classic fleece balaclava is the perfect winter accessory. Throw it in their daycare bag for outdoor time, or bring it with you for their first time on skis. They’ll be warm (but won’t overheat), and because the prints are so fun, they won’t want to take it off!



Frostclava, holiday gift ideas for toddlersFrostclava: An active performance balaclava for the active kid in your life. With fun prints and crazy soft fabric, your child will be happy to wear this clava all day long. You’ll be happy that the technical fabric is breathable and quick drying, and the fleece adds some extra warmth for those blustery days.




Kids (ages 3-6):


mr. happy ragg beanie, youth beanie holiday gift ideas for kidsMr. Happy: This ragg wool beanie is fully-lined with fleece. It’s incredibly warm and comfortable, traps heat, and feels insanely soft against the skin (even during all day wear). Your kid will look good and feel good in this signature beanie.



Fluff Balls, holiday gift ideas for kidsFluff Balls: She’ll be the talk of the town in this adorable, two-pom, hand knit beanie. It’s just as soft and cozy on the inside as it looks on the outside, as it’s fully-lined with fleece. Her ears will stay warm no matter how long she’s flying down the sledding hill.



Think Snow Pom Beanie, holiday gift ideas for kidsThink Snow: This sporty (but casual) beanie will quickly become your child’s favorite for every snow day this winter. With a thick knit and self-lined interior, it provides ample warmth and coverage, but remains breathable due to the cozy, relaxed fit. Oh and you’ll be able to spot them at the top of the sledding hill thanks to the big pom on top.




Shellaclava balaclava, gift ideas for kids who love to skiShellaclava: With a hood made of our moisture-wicking, breathable technical fabric and a neck made of the world’s softest and warmest fleece, the Shellaclava is an all-around winner for on mountain adventures. A great option for keeping the snow and cold off their face and neck, and providing them with all day warmth and comfort, so they stay happy on the slopes. The best part? This double-layer neck offers coverage for their nose and mouth, which is a requirement at most resorts this winter.



game face bandana, gift ideas for kids who love to skiGame Face Bandana: The perfect addition to a helmet or beanie, these fun neck warmers are playful, warm, and delightfully comfortable to wear. With a velcro-back closure, it can be a last minute add to your child’s mountain attire. The fleece liner will feel soft against their face, and with a perforated mouth, they’ll have easy breathability on the slopes. You’ll love that they’ll have coverage on those brutally cold days with a product they won’t want to take off.





Youth (ages 7-12):


a maze ing pom beanie, youth beanie holiday gift ideas for kidsA maze ing: A classic looking beanie with a huge, faux fur pop of fun, the A Maze Ing youth beanie is colorful, cozy, and insanely warm. Merino wool works to manage moisture and maintain heat, and the ear band liner of fleece ensures those ears stay warm – no matter the temps, no matter the adventure.



peeking yeti pom beanie, youth beanie holiday gift ideas for kidsPeeking Yeti: A true head-turner due to the yeti lurking on this pom beanie, the Peeking Yeti is designed with the mountain monster in mind. With it’s cozy, relaxed fit and cuff at the bottom, your son or daughter will be warm and comfortable, even when their adventures take them in search of ferocious beasts in cold temperatures (or the steepest sledding hill in the neighborhood).



Youth Mount Snow Ragg: Designed to match the beloved Mount Snow Ragg in our men's collection, this pom beanie is a fun and comfortable winter hat. Made of a wool blend, it provides warmth (without the itch), and the cuff at the bottom gives them an extra layer of coverage where it matters most. 




totally tubular neck warmer buff, holiday gifts for kids who skiTotally Tubular™: With solids or prints to choose from, and over ten ways to wear, the multi-functional Totally Tubular™ is essentially a custom fit for your child. The recommended way to wear this winter? Folded over (either once or twice) for double or triple-layer face coverage. With resorts requiring at least two layer of coverage for the nose and mouth this winter, this essential piece of gear just made your life a bit easier. Every neck tube is moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable, and packable, and they get the job done in terms of offering protection from the sun, wind, spray, and cold. Perfect for every on-mountain adventure, and an easy throw-in to their overnight bag for sleepovers that will inevitably include early morning snowball fights…



lightweight ninja balaclava, holiday gifts for kids who skiLightweight Ninja: This balaclava provides full neck, ear, and head coverage, and with the fitted neck and extra scoop of fabric at the bottom, it easily tucks into jackets and base layers, meaning the snow and cold won’t get through. It comfortably fits under a hat or helmet, and remains lightweight and breathable while providing exceptional warmth and coverage. With your choice of solids or patters, you can find the perfect fit for your child to match their favorite gear (or their personality).



neckula neck warmer, holiday gifts for kids who skiThe Neckula is a great add on to whichever beanie you choose. It’s heavyweight and is made of a combination of our technical fabric and Original Turtle Fur® fleece. It’s both insanely soft, and insanely warm. Sure to protect their neck from the snow and cold, no matter what’s coming down outside.



Stocking Stuffers:

Looking for some cold weather gear to add to their stocking this holiday season? You can’t go wrong with some of our tried and true classics.

  • For the son or daughter that wants to be outside all day, every day, all winter long, choose The Turtle’s Neck®. It’s how we all started, and it’s what we do best. Two decadent layers of the softest, warmest fleece will wrap their neck in comfort and protect them from the elements, no matter the weather.
  • For cold mornings at the bus stop, and coverage at recess (or the sledding hill), you can’t go wrong with our Multi-Season Beanie. Warm and soft, your child will love how it feels. You’ll love that it’s water-resistant, midweight, and packs a punch without causing your little one to overheat. Oh, and it’s a perfect fit as a base layer under helmets, too.
  • Goes well with every beanie in this gift guide, our Totally Tubular™ is lightweight, pocket-packable, moisture-wicking, and insanely soft. The recommended way to wear this winter is folded over, for either double-layer (or even triple-layer!) face coverage. The stretchy fabric makes for a perfect neck warmer / face cover (or headband, or balaclava – the choice is theirs with over 10 ways to wear). With prints and solids to choose from, you can’t go wrong.