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This round of our Product Spotlight is a big time staff favorite: the Riverbed Fred. In addition to having a name that’s really fun to say out loud, this hat provides more features than you might realize at first glance. We decided to take a deeper dive into what one might refer to as a “cap” “ball cap” “fishing hat” “visor” etc. in our own Riverbed Fred, and seeing just how innovative its features are:

- A Tri-Fold Visor

The Tri-Fold Visor on the Riverbed Fred allows for you to shield the sun from the sides as well at the top of the bill. The extra length of the bill works to keep your face covered from all angles with UPF 50+ coverage. (What’s UPF 50? It is a fabric rating of how well the product blocks the UVA & UVB rays of the sun to protect your skin & avoid sunburn- UPF 50+ is the highest rating possible).


The tri-fold feature gets even better, because the unique visor shape means that the whole hat folds down into a third of its original size, becoming pocket-packable for whenever you need it. An added bonus? The bill & hat are seriously water resistant!


     -It’s lightweight. The mesh side panels—(& that’s only mesh, not mesh over another material)—allow for airflow while you’re working outside. The air exposure quickly evaporates sweat & allows skin to breathe at the same time.

    -A wicking sweatband keeps moisture at bay along your forehead , hair & brow line when you need it most. The more generous fit keeps things from getting too clammy, while the adjustable back helps you dial in the right size – Can anyone say custom fit just for you?


    The Riverbed Fred by Turtle Fur for fisherman and fishing lovers everywhere!

    Riverbed Fred and all of the caps and visors from Turtle Fur range from high-utility to fashion-focused. Explore the Turtle Fur website to find their unique features and styles for the activities that you enjoy.

    Turtle Fur designs active lifestyle products with one thing in mind: keeping you outside, doing the things you love to do, in total comfort.

    We like to think that we've covered everything great about a ball-cap and built it into the Riverbed Fred. Tried & true as a great hat for fishing, it would also be the perfect fit for boating, swimming, hiking, and picnicking… wherever your adventures take you! ✌

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