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It would not be summer in Vermont for mountain bikers without the annual Eastern Grind race! Over the years, the Eastern Grind MTB Race has taken slightly different forms and has taken place in various areas of the state. This year, it was formally referred to as the Julbo Eastern Grind MTB Race, and rather than taking place in May, a sunny weekend in July did the job instead. 

The Eastern Grind Mountain Biking Race in Vermont

The two day event is best described as a UCI and USA Cycling Competitive Mountain Bike Race Weekend in Vermont. To those not fluent in "#MTB": it's a mountain biking race with a bunch of different categories (Men by age group, first timers, gender by pro-status, women's single track, men's marathon 40+, open course, amateurs, etc.) at the Catamount Family Center in Williston Vermont.

You can check out all the categories from this past weekend's races (with their results) at the Eastern Grind's results page here

Turtle Fur was proud to sponsor the event (along with our fellow MTB loving Vermont companies) all in support of seeing the regional & in-state mountain biking community thrive and to celebrate one of our most favorite hobbies. Mountain biking is fun, competitive & all about staying active outdoors - we're always in!

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