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The Lectra Sox

Your choice of sock can make or break a fall or winter hiking trip. Choose a pair that’s too thin, and your toes will feel like ice cubes within an hour. But choose a pair that’s too thick, and you’ll have swampy feet just as quick. There’s a happy middle ground to be found in battery-heated socks.


These nifty pieces of clothing bridge the gap between too cold and too warm by letting you choose when it’s time to crank up the heat. Here at Turtle Fur we’ve designed a pair of socks that’ll make your feet feel just right, to give you a comfortable solution that you can tailor to your needs. Meet the Lectra Sox®.


What exactly is a battery heated sock?

By utilizing a battery pouch attached to the outside of the sock, they’re able to deliver extra warmth to your feet on a cold day. Many heated socks, like the Lectra Sox, use 3 AA batteries with a protective pouch to deliver warmth to the heating element, which is located on top of the toes. When activated, you’ll begin to feel the heat in your toes where it’s typically needed the most, before it spreads backward to your heel.


Our socks come with the wires tucked away in a recessed channel to reduce abrasion. The wire does not heat, so you won’t feel any burning sensation going up the side of your ankle. The warmth is directed down toward the toes, which is where you’ll feel the bulk of the heat when the socks are turned on. They also contain a padded and reinforced heel and toe for comfort and safety, along with an extra-wide reinforced cuff.


The Lectra Sox® are designed to keep your feet warm, but not too hot. When you feel your toes getting a bit nippy, simply turn on the switch located on the battery pouch and you’ll soon begin to feel the heat. When your feet are sufficiently heated, just turn off the switch to let them cool back down. The socks are not designed to stay on for extended periods of time; they work best when turned on and off often to adjust to the climate and your activity level. Otherwise, you might end up with sweaty, stinky swamp feet. Nobody wants that!


Best of all, our socks are water-resistant and can be safely used in the snow or when wading through creeks. They won’t shock your feet or short-circuit when wet, making them ideal for many environments.


Details on the Lectra sox

Who are battery heated socks for?

The Lectra Sox® by Nordic Gear® was originally designed for commercial fisherman working the shores of the Northern Atlantic. Famous for its frosty waters, the fisherman needed a way to withstand the icy temps for extended periods. We developed the Lectra Sox® as a way to provide the needed comfort and warmth that would help them get through the chilling, winter days.


Over the years we’ve worked hard to increase the effectiveness of the socks while also adapting them to fit different environments.


We now offer three styles of socks for outdoor adventurers:


Lectra Sox Pro

The Lectra Sox® Pro Series

The Lectra Sox Pro Series is the newest addition to the lineup and feature all of the same benefits of the previous styles (listed below), but with a more fluid and fancy design. They’re darker, so any muck you pick up from the trail on your travels will be harder to spot from far away. Featuring a blend of wool, acrylic, nylon, and polyester, the Pro Series is adept at keeping your toes warm while still offering maximum breathability. They’re quick drying, so you don’t have to worry about a little rain, or you can even feel free to splash around in a puddle or two during your hike. You can even trudge through mounds of snow or traverse a raging stream without worry.


The battery rests comfortably at the top of the socks on the outside, while the wire leading down into the warming device beneath your feet blends so well to the inside of the sock that you barely even notice it’s there!


These puppies are perfect for any outdoor sports – hiking, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, trail running, even mountain biking. Or you can just wear them around the house on a lazy day.


We won’t judge.


Wader Lectra Sox 

The Wader Lectra Sox® Battery Heated Socks

True to its roots, the Wader Lectra Sox was designed with water-lovers in mind. These battery heated socks are equipped with a detachable battery pouch that can easily be clipped to your belt or stored in your pocket.


They’re perfect for fishermen, hunters, or anyone who regularly finds themselves wading in creeks, lakes, or streams. They’re also great for the snow. Skiers, snowboarders, and winter campers will find them perfect for withstanding the frigid temperatures of places like the Rocky Mountains in January. You can even wear them on an extended fishing trip out to sea. Wherever there’s water or frozen tundra, the Waders will put in the work to make sure your toes never succumb to the dangers of frostbite.


These wader socks were made extra tall to protect your legs and are made of a wool blend for a little extra boost of warmth, while still remaining breathable and quick-drying. A fully-charged battery can last anywhere between six and eight hours, leaving you free to enjoy a long day on the lake casting a line.


*Note: In order to turn off the Wader Lectra Sox® Battery Heated Socks, you must unsnap the pouch.


Hiker Lectra Sox

The Hiker Lectra Sox® Battery Heated Socks

If you’re more of a landlubber than an ocean voyager, the Hiker Lectra Sox might be more your style. Slightly shorter, these battery heated socks were designed with the hiking enthusiast in mind. Durable enough to withstand long distances, but still comfortable and snug enough for a breezy fall day, they’re a great option for anyone just looking to explore the woods behind their home or for intrepid adventurers wanting to tackle Mount Everest.


But just because they’re great on land doesn’t mean you have to be wary of getting them wet. Just like their counterparts, these socks won’t shock you when they get a little moist. Once you’ve made it through the wet stuff, snap the pouch closed and you can get your toes nice and toasty once again.


*Note: In order to turn off the Hiker Lectra Sox® Battery Heated Socks, you must unsnap the pouch.


The Specs

So what goes into making a top-notch battery heated sock? For starters, a little ingenuity and a lot of love for the outdoors.


The Lectra Sox® Pro Series is made with a 35% wool blend and the Wader and Hiker are made with a 17% wool blend (all three containing polyester and nylon). The socks also come with an elastic band to help them snugly hug your legs for a proper fit that won’t slide down. The socks come in the following sizes:


XS/S – Fits men’s sizes 5-8.5, women’s sizes 6-10

M – Fits men’s sizes 9-10.5, women’s sizes 10.5-12

L/XL – Fits men’s sizes 11+


Our Lectra Sox® Pro Series socks are mostly solid gray, with a little bit of orange flair on the bottom for character. The Hiker Lectra Sox® currently comes in two colors — maroon and black. The Wader Lectra Sox® are available in maroon.


If you’re in the market for a comfortable, sleek-looking pair of socks that’ll keep you going in the coldest of months, look no further than our Lectra Sox®. These impressively-designed battery heated socks are made to handle the tough moments but are just as great for a day spent sprucing up the yard around the house.


Whether you’re a rugged outdoorsman or simply can’t stand the feel of frosty toes on your morning commute, the Lectra Sox® are sure to keep your feet feeling warm and your blood pumping while you’re on the go. Check them out on our website for more information on features and pricing.