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1. Kids Fleece-Lined Neckula 2. Kids The Turtle's Neck in Original Turtle Fur Fleece 3. Kids 1/4 Zip Carapace Fleece Pullover 4. Kids Parfait Earflap Hat 5. The Girl's Lily High Energy Comfort Shell Zip-Up 6. The Sharkaclava 7. The Turtle Band Headband 8. The Frostklava Balaclava for Kids 9. The Kids Quarter Zip Comfort Shell Carapace Pullover 10. Kids Brain Shroud 11. The Kids Totally Tubular 12. Kids Multi-Season Micro Chelonia Beanie 13. Kids Totally Tubular 14. Kids Shellaclava Balaclava 15. Kids Princess Cut 1/4 Quarter-zip Tecnopile Fleece Pullover

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Every Kid, Every Passion

Turtle Fur's Comfort Shell , Classic Fleece, Knit and Performance headwear and accessories cater to every kid! From skiers to snowboarders, future astronauts to shark lovers, dinosaur hunters, girly girls and beyond!

Shop The Helmet Liner Beanie for Kids

Kids Comfort Shell Brain Shroud

Our Brain Shroud is exactly as it sounds: It can be worn as a form-fitting, sleek style beanie or as a helmet liner. Strap on those ski boots and hit the lift line with these super cool patterns from Turtle Fur! Its Comfort Shell material from Turtle Fur allows for a nice, snug (but not too tight) fit under a helmet, with double layer coverage for little ears. When worn alone, the beanie itself deflects wind and spray while wicking moisture and trapping heat to keep 'em warm and dry!

(Available in 11 Colors)

Buff Style Neck Tube Neck Warmer for Kids

Kids Comfort ShellTotally Tubular™

Worn as a neck, a balaclava, a headband and more, this buff-style neck tube keeps kids warm, cozy and in-style by blocking wind and snow. With over ten ways to wear, the versatile Totally Tubular is a must-have for any kid that loves to be and stay outside! Lightweight and pocket-packable, The Totally Tubular is comprised of our proprietary technical fabric, Comfort Shell™ fabric which sets it apart from all other buff-style neck tubes! It is moisture-wicking and super stretchy with anti-microbial properties and a soft, brushed interior. Perfect for tucking under goggles while on the mountain or shielding necks and cheeks from blustery, adventure-filled winter days!

(Available in 13 Colors)

Shark Balaclava and Under Armor Style Pullover

The Shark Duo!

Get chummy with our awesome selection of shark-inspired accessories and gear! Kids love the Sharkaclava – a single-layer balaclava made of our warm, super soft and protective Chelonia 150 fleece. They'll be chomping away at the snow when their head, face and ears are covered in warmth and softness.

Meanwhile, what lies beneath is... more sharks! Grab a Boys Carapace High-Energy ¼ Zip Top Pullover in our Shark Bait pattern! They'll feel invincible and this pull-over's breathable, lightweight Comfort Shell fabric as a mid-layer addition to outerwear with its slight contour fit, 360 low-profile collar and comfy flat seam stitching throughout. It's engineered to stay fresh with anti-microbial properties and a perfect 4-way stretch fit. The brushed interior is super soft against skin, keeping irritation and chafing at bay. Perfect for the mountain, play time, down time, under their jacket, alone or as a base-layer.

(Available in 2 Colors)

New Girls' Pullovers!

A lightweight, single-layer pullover, our Comfort Shell™ 1/4 Zip Top is a fun piece for every kid's outdoor ensemble! Keep them dry and warm with moisture-managing material that blocks wind and traps heat. Breathable & lightweight, this zip-up is perfect as a mid-layer addition to outerwear. It features a princess cut contour, 360 low-profile collar and flat seam stitching throughout. It's engineered to stay fresh with anti-microbial properties and is so comfy with its super stretchy material and bold patterns! Best of all, the brushed interior is super soft against skin, keeping irritation and chafing at bay.

(Available in 4 Colors)

Dinosaur Stegosaurus Pterodactyl Brontosaurus Spikey Knit Hat

The Dr. Dino Earflap Hat

It’s roaring with warmth! The Dr. Dino hat lets your little one stay outside in cold winter weather for longer with it's soft, warm, full micro-fleece lining! As a Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and Pterodactyls encircle the outside of this knit hat, the tasseled flaps below stay hard at work to keep little ears warm. Knit spines along the top help them look like their own prehistoric legend. Perfect for playing out in the snow and after-school winter activities!

(Available in 4 Colors)

The Original Kids Fleece Neck Warmer for Winter and Snow and Ski

The Original Neck Warmer

Our Kids Original Turtle Fur Fleece® (The Turtle's Neck) double-layer neck warmer is the warmest, softest and most loved cold weather accessory of all time. Now waiting at the bus stop is fun, even on the coldest days of the year! Two layers of super cozy fleece trap heat in the inner wall pocket. The perpetual "rolling" nature of the seamless design means that their neck maintains full coverage from all angles regardless of what the day brings. With an endless selection of bright colors, this is the perfect addition to liven up any outerwear.

(Available in 6 Colors)

The warmest balaclava for kids with fleece and underhelmet

The Ultimate Balaclava

The #1 under helmet accessory on the market! Our Original Turtle Fur Shellaclava wraps their neck with two layers of super soft Original Turtle Fur Fleece®, and is seamlessly joined at the back and sides with the Comfort Shell hood. The perfectly fitting hood hugs their head in breathable, warm and moisture-wicking fabric, which also features a soft brushed interior. Perfect for wearing under ski and snowboarding helmets throughout the season for total coverage. When you have the Shellaclava keeping wind and snow off their neck and out of their jackets, there's no end to the snowball fights in sight! From snow angels through recess to the lift line wait on the mountain, staying outside has never been so cozy.

(Available in 9 Colors)

The warm fleece lined Neckula Neck Warmer for Kids in Winter!

The Best of Both Worlds

Two fabrics combine to create the incredibly cozy Neckula! This heavyweight neck warmer is fully lined with Original Turtle Fur Fleece® to provide two layers of protection and the best in snuggly warmth. Designed to fit perfectly around their neck when worn below the chin, it also sits perfectly over their nose and cheeks when pulled up for face protection. The Comfort Shell exterior acts as an additional barrier between them and the elements keeping faces shielded from sun and wind, dry from sweat and spray. Throw it on before they venture out into the snow, through fun weekends playing outdoors. From suiting up before hitting the slopes,the Neckula leaves smiles on their warm faces. The best part? Once you’re ready to re-fresh this neck warmer, toss it in the wash and it’s ready to go for the next cold day!

(Available in 7 Colors)

The Fleece Earband Headband for Cold Winter Kids!

Warm Ears, Warm Smiles!

Who doesn’t love to see the happiness on their faces when they’re having the time of their lives in total comfort outdoors? Winter has nothing on our Original Turtle Fur Turtle Band, designed to fit perfectly and cover their ears on blustery days!

Two layers of our Original Turtle Fur Fleece cover them up in warm, soft comfort while heat gets trapped in the interior pocket. Perfect for snow days spent playing, waiting for the bus, ski weekends and venturing onto the snowy lawn (to diligently create snow angels and snowmen, of course!)

(Available in 2 Colors)

A Bright Colorful Knit Pom Earflap Hat for Kids is Parfait!

C’est Parfait!

There are rows of thick knit stripes in bold colors show off their true personality this season! Let them shine in the incredibly warm and cozy Parfait earflap hat and watch the time spent outside use up every last hour of daylight! Stylish and bright, the fun top and tassel poms are a spectacle of cozy kid fashion, while the inside boasts a full fleece lining to assure you that they’re as snug as a bug in a rug (er- hat, that is!)

(Available in 3 Colors)

Warm fleece pullovers and zip ups for baselayers and winter outerwear kids who ski and snowboard

Warm All Over

Let them enjoy this winter covered in a warm, soft layer of fleece that works hard to trap heat and stay cozy! Our new Tecnopile fleece 1/4 Zip Pullovers are a sure hit this season, staying lightweight and soft through all of winter's fun adventures! The single layer of warmth is constructed from the finest Italian micro-denier yarn, the Micro Fur™ Pontetorto Tecnofleece™ provides the perfect amount of coverage, letting them breathe without the cold creeping in, and the awesome Geo Turtle design on the back shoulder is too cool for school (not literally, of course!)

(Available in 5 Colors)

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