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August 1st,  2016


Turtle Fur Supports Vapur’s Drops of Hope Program


Morrisville, Vermont – Update to 5/1/2016 Press ReleaseTurtle Fur is pleased to continue their month of giving with a donation of $345.00 (USD) to support Vapur’s Drops of Water Program. To learn more about Turtle Fur’s Month of Giving please click here.



Morrisville, Vermont-- From June 1st through June 30th, Turtle Fur will donate $1.00 for every product purchased from www.turtlefur.com to Vapur's Drops of Hope Program as part of Turtle Fur’s year-long Month of Giving campaign. Drops of Hope is a collaborative, community-giving program, aiming to make disposable bottles obsolete and clean water more accessible than ever. The Drops of Hope Program efforts go toward a variety of organizations.


About Vapur®

Vapur's mission is to inspire and support active lifestyles with innovative, ultimately portable, products Led by a commitment to design, innovation and eco-responsibility,  Vapur launched its game changing product in its founding year: the Vapur Anti-Bottle. About 87% lighter than typical rigid bottles, the slim, flexible Anti-Bottle only packs water weight. It also uses less energy to make and transport than rigid bottles and its environmental impact is also pretty “lite.” Vapur now has multiple product lines of Anti-Bottles, ranging from the highly-technical Element to the Quencher line for kids.

Drops of Hope is Vapur's collaborative community-giving program. Partnering with likeminded companies and organizations, Vapur aims to make disposable bottles obsolete and clean water more accessible than ever. Through Drops of Hope, Vapur annually donates thousands of bottles to charitable groups all over the world.


About Turtle Fur®
Turtle Fur® is a privately held Vermont-based company. Turtle Fur® maintains its position as a leader of over 30 years in the Outdoor and Snow Sports industry, specializing in technical, performance-fabric and knit headwear and accessories. Turtle Fur® prides itself in its roots of innovation, quality, creativity and community while upholding a deep respect for the planet and its people.



Turtle Fur Contact: Whitney Brownie, Digital Marketing Manager
Phone: 802-888-6400 ext. 7018

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