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At Turtle Fur®, we take women’s performance clothing seriously. We offer a robust line of active gear that allows women to enjoy their active lifestyle in easy comfort and style. Crafted with care and premium materials, each item provides reliable warmth throughout any cold season. We aim to provide active women’s clothing that looks great and invites you to play or work outside. Our fleece repertoire includes neck warmers, overhoods, beanies, sweaters, socks, and more. Every winter gear piece perfectly complements our women’s performance clothing.

Our active line not only keeps you warm, but we designed our clothing with practicality, protection, and movement in mind. Made with Comfort Shell™ UV Performance Fabric, our pieces protect you from harmful UV rays, keep you dry with their moisture-wicking ability, and even prevent unwanted odors with their anti-microbial performance. Our Comfort Shell™ collection includes hats, sweaters, and even neck tubes. Trek through the snow under the frigid winter sun wearing clothing that works with you and for you. At Turtle Fur®, we want you to look your best and feel even better. Your next adventure awaits, and we cannot wait for you to get outside and have fun!