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For women who want to get up and go, regardless of the weather, Turtle Fur® has the best women’s balaclava. Balaclavas are simply outstanding headgear for any winter sport or activity. They protect the neck and head from frigid temps and wind. In addition, it's actually better for your lungs if you breathe through a balaclava. It warms up the air first and makes respiration easier. When you're out on the slopes or snowshoeing through the forest, breathing easy is what it's all about.

If you're looking for a woman’s balaclava face mask, Turtle Fur has a huge selection for you. The Original Turtle Fur Fleece Shellaclava™ features two layers of fleece to keep the neck nice and toasty. The technical fabric on the head is lighter and breathable. For high-performance headwear, try our Micro Fur Fleece MaxClava. It's warm yet trim, fitting perfectly under your helmet, hat, or jacket collar. For hard-core coverage, we've got the Comfort Shell quattroClava™ with Windbloc® Storm Flap™. It features a vented nose and face area with a flip-up storm flap for the most brutal conditions. Go ahead and get out there. It's all good with Turtle Fur®.