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about turtle fur

our story

Located in Morrisville among the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, Turtle Fur was born in the shadows of Mount Mansfield. In 1982 Turtle Fur left is first mark on winter with the invention of the fleece neck warmer called "The Turtle's Neck". It was a shift in winter accessories that continues to this day.

The invention of the Original Turtle's Neck freed once scarf-bound skiers from their tangled and burdensome accessories. From The Neck was born The Hat, from The Hat; many more hats. From our fleece roots to all of the products we make today Turtle Fur remains an iconic Vermont brand and our Turtle is symbolic of quality, comfort, and warmth. We pride ourselves on holding true to our values of creativity, innovation, quality, community and respect for the planet...all while having fun.

our founders

turtle fur today

Today Turtle Fur has expanded to sell a robust and ever-encompassing selection of hats, necks, gear, and apparel in many different categories of outdoor wear. Turtle Fur remains a family owned company based in Morrisville, Vermont. The dedicated Turtles who design, test, market, receive and ship our beloved hats, necks and other accessories are committed to assuring the best for our customers.

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