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Social Sustainability


At Turtle Fur giving feels good and we like to feel good. We support local and national charities, organizations and events that have a direct impact to better people’s lives.



Additional Information

Project Warmth

We don’t want our seconds or overruns to go to waste so in 2008 we created the Project Warmth Initiative. The Project Warmth Initiative starts by first helping homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, family centers and more in Vermont and then expanding our reach to a national level. In 2015 we donated over 8,000 pieces of product (our greatest yearly total so far) and to date we have donated over 50,000 pieces of product. For your organization to be considered please email [email protected] and clearly state your organization’s purpose, location, contact information and amount of product needed.

Nepal Cooperative

We work hand-in-hand with cooperatives in Nepal to hand craft our collection of artisan hats. It is an arrangement that supports their local economies and the disadvantaged artisans from that area while allowing them to create goods for the global market.

Today’s handmade goods hold a tacit value through their increasing rarity. Turtle Fur’s Nepal Artisan Collection consists of hats and headwear accessories that are created with unimaginable care and attention to detail. Free from any automated process, each piece of Turtle Fur’s Artisan Collection is made at “human pace” in the homes of Nepali knitters. Knitting needles carefully place each loop and linings are sewn in by hand. The finished product is a work of art that is not only beautiful but meaningful to both the wearer and creator. A stronger economic outlook is created within the communities that produce the products that we are so proud to sell.

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