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Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes

This ambassador is local to us here at The Turtles' Nest. When he's not hitting the slopes at Stowe, he's tackling the trails of Vermont on feet or on his mountain bike. Welcome to the team, Mike! We're stoked to have you.


Where is your hometown?

Longmeadow, MA


Where do you currently reside?

Burlington, VT


What are your favorite ways to spend time outside?

Skiing, Cycling, & Hiking


What is your most beloved piece of Turtle Fur gear?

It has to be the original Turtle Fur fleece neck warmer. I've always had one since a kid and it's never let me down.


What Turtle Fur product comes with you on every adventure, and why? 

The Turtle Fur Comfort Shell Tubular. It's so versatile. I use it both for skiing and cycling in colder temperatures.

What is your most cherished outdoor memory? 

Camping with my family growing up.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? 

Switzerland. I love it there. So many different adventures to go on.


What is your day job?

Global Head of Digital & Technology at Ben & Jerry's


What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being able to live here in Vermont and work for a great company which allows me to be active outside year-round.


Two truths and a lie:

I have a Ben & Jerry's flavor named for me.

I've skied every resort in Vermont.

I've skied, biked, kayaked, and paddle boarded in the same day in Vermont.


Where should people go if they want to follow along on your adventures?

Instagram: @mhayes