looking good in turtle fur

Styles & Silhouettes

  • active performance

  • balaclava

    Fabric headgear, often worn under a helmet, that covers the whole head and neck, exposing only the face. It fits well under jackets. It's packable and able to be made compact, especially for travel. When worn under a helmet, offers a smooth profile for low-bulk and flat seams for a comfortable fit.

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  • bandana face shield
    bandana face shield

    A heavyweight neck warmer with extra length in the front to protect your chest and a micro fur fleece lining for superior warmth and performance

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  • brain shroud
    brain shroud

    A performance beanie constructed of a single-layer of performance fabric on the crown and double-layer at the ears. Snug fit makes this a perfect under helmet companion.

    brain shroud
    brain shroud
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  • earband

    We took a basic headband and added contoured earflaps to increase the warmth and comfort.

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  • face shield
    face shield

    A contoured neck warmer and face mask that boasts a windproof panel of Polartec® Windbloc® fleece on the front with a mesh panel for breathability.

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  • face shield maskot
    face shield maskot

    A contoured face mask balaclava that boasts a windproof panel of Polartec® Windbloc® fleece on the front with a mesh panel for breathability and a hood.

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  • fog free™
    fog free™

    Cold weather breathing system allows you to breathe clearly, has easy access to hydration, eliminates moisture buildup, and vents to prevent fogging.

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  • frost liner
    frost liner

    A lightweight, wicking helmet liner that is low profile, super comfortable and dries quickly.

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  • frostklava

    A lightweight balaclava worn under a helmet or hat that features flat seam construction and a low bulk neck.

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  • game face bandana
    game face bandana

    Bandana style face mask designed for comfort with a micro fleece lining and velcro adjustable closure.

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  • headband

    The right amount of warmth when a hat is too much and nothing is not enough. The perfect accessory for a pop of color, to keep your hair in place, or the sweat out of your eyes. We've got headbands for any adventure your day takes you on.

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  • liner

    A lightweight helmet liner or multi-purpose headwear. It is constructed of a single-layer of performance fabric.

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  • long tail tube
    long tail tube

    We upped the game on multi-functional headwear and added a fleece extension to our lightweight Comfort Shell UV tube. Additional warmth and extra coverage for those colder days.

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  • maskot™

    Heavyweight balaclava with a Windbloc® face mask, a double-layer Original Turtle Fur® fleece neck warmer and a single-layer Comfort Shell® hood. The ultimate in full face, head and neck coverage for cold weather.

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  • maxClava

    A face concealing performance balaclava.

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  • neck warmer
    neck warmer

    We changed the cold weather game in 1982 with the invention of the fleece neck warmer. Today, we have expanded to offer different fleeces, performance fabrics, and weights in the same classic neck warmer style. Known the world over by different names, neck gaiter, snood, neckie, or neckup, the fact remains that Turtle Fur is the most loved provider of comfort and warmth for over 38 years.

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  • overhood

    Designed to fit over your helmet or ball cap and keep the warmth in all day on the slopes or about town. Cinch cords added to the design can help adjust the fit to be just right.

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  • quantum balaclava
    quantum balaclava

    A hinged hood balaclava with a double-layer neck. Wear with the low profile hood up under your helmet or flip the hood down to wear as a classic neck warmer.

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  • shellaclava

    A low profile lightweight hood attached to our classic neck warmer style for a reliable balaclava. Tried and tested design since 1984.

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  • tube

    The ultimate multi-functional headwear. Worn as a neck warmer, face mask, balaclava, beanie, headband, hair tie, or a number of other ways. The perfect accessory for any adventure.

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  • outdoor headwear

  • beanie

    The basic hat style comes in a variety of styles and weights. Pick from lightweight skull cap styles and heavier fleece lined classic pom beanies.

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  • earflap hat
    earflap hat

    A cozy spin on a beanie. Earflaps come down further to cover your ears fully, and often feature tassels.

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  • high pony
    high pony

    Keep your hair tamed on your next trail run, hike, or trip to the coffee shop. A high placement pulls your ponytail through an opening in the top of the beanie.

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  • ponytail beanie
    ponytail beanie

    Low-profile active beanies with an opening for your ponytail or braid to fit through.

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  • pom hat
    pom hat

    A classic beanie style hat with a pom on top!

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