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Styles & Silhouettes

  • Backcountry Bandana

    Classic bandana style updated with performance fabrics for demanding active lifestyles.
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  • Balaclava

    Fabric headgear, often worn under a helmet, that covers the whole head and neck, exposing only the face. It fits well under jackets. It's packable and able to be made compact, especially for travel. When worn under a helmet, offers a smooth profile for low-bulk and flat seams for a comfortable fit.
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  • Bandana Face Shield

    A heavyweight neck warmer with extra length in the front to protect your chest and a micro fur fleece lining for superior warmth and performance

  • Bandula

    A classic headband design that combines the warmth of Original Turtle Fur Fleece and the colors, performance, and style of Comfort Shell Performance Fabric. Check out the coordinating Neckula & Capula.
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  • Beanie

    The basic hat style comes in a variety of styles and weights. Pick from lightweight skull cap styles and heavier fleece lined classic pom beanies.Shop Beanies

  • Beast Hood

    Heavyweight balaclava with a Comfort Shell hood, Windbloc face, neck lined with Original Turtle Fur fleece and a mesh covered mouth area for ventilation.Shop Beast Hood


  • Brain Shroud

    A performance beanie constructed of a single-layer of performance fabric on the crown and double-layer at the ears. Snug fit makes this a perfect under helmet companion.Shop Brain Shrouds

  • DooRag

    A low profile headwrap with a tie-back design for under helmet or multipurpose wear.

  • Earflap Hat

    A cozy spin on a beanie. Earflaps come down further to cover your ears fully, and often feature tassels.


    Cold weather breathing system allows you to breathe clearly, has easy access to hydration, eliminates moisture buildup, and vents to prevent fogging.

  • Frostklava

    A lightweight balaclava worn under a helmet or hat that features flat seam construction and a low bulk neck.

  • Frost Liner

    A lightweight, wicking helmet liner that is low profile, super comfortable and dries quickly.

  • Liner

    A lightweight helmet liner or multi-purpose headwear. It is constructed of a single-layer of performance fabric.

  • Maskot™

    Heavyweight balaclava with a Windbloc® face mask, a double-layer Original Turtle Fur® fleece neck warmer and a single-layer Comfort Shell® hood. The ultimate in full face, head and neck coverage for cold weather.

  • Neckula

    A heavyweight neck warmer combining the warmth and softness of our Original Turtle Fur Fleece and the performance and style of Comfort Shell Performance Fabric

  • Ninja

    A face concealing performance balaclava. Shop Ninja Balaclavas

  • Pipe Dream

    A classic neck warmer improved by combining our Comfort Shell Performance Fabric and Micro Fur Fleece.

  • Pom Hat

    A classic beanie style hat with a pom on top!Shop Pom Hats

  • Shellaclava®

    A balaclava with a special turtle touch! The hood and neck are constructed to eliminate gaps to seal out the cold. It has a flat seam hood for a comfortable fit and a double-layer neck for warmth. We use various fabrics for optimum performance depending on the sport. It works great under helmets!Shop Shellaclavas

  • Snow Veil

    A bandit style neck warmer made of our Comfort Shell Performance Fabric and Micro Fur Fleece. A velcro enclosure on the back allows you to adjust for the perfect fit.

  • Sun Mask

    Ultra Lightweight Sun Shell Performance Fabric and a mesh mouth panel make the Sun Mask a top performer. UPF 50+ sun protection and easy breathing through the mesh panel will keep you comfortable and cool.

  • Sun Shade

    A classic sun cape in a performance fabric designed to keep your neck shaded, and your head cool on the brightest of sunny days.

  • Tassel Hat

    This is your classic beanie with the added style of a tassel off the crown.

  • Totally Tubular

    Lightweight single-layer performance multi-functional headwear.Shop Totally Tubulars

  • The Turtle's Neck

    Heavyweight double-layer neck warmer made of our beloved Original Turtle Fur Fleece. The original and still #1 best selling fleece neck warmer in the world.Shop Turtle's Neck Warmers

  • The Turtle Tube

    A multi-functional neck warmer that can be worn many ways including as a neck warmer, hoodscarf, or headband.

  • Trapper Hat

    A classic style known by several names but most commonly, the Trapper. With large earflaps, often a chin strap, and a brim these are the hats for serious expeditions, or serious style.