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Know Our Fabrics

  • Bamboo

    An ultra lightweight performance fabric made from sustainable bamboo viscose. Engineered to support a demanding a multi-season lifestyle.
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  • Chelonia 150® Fleece

    A soft and warm classic midweight fleece, perfect for all outdoor activities. It also offers UPF 50+ Sun Protection. The name Chelonia is derived from the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), a large sea turtle of the family Cheloniidae.
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  • Chelonia 200® Fleece

    Chelonia 200® Fleece is a traditional-weight fleece. Soft and warm with good stretch and recovery. 

  • Classic Wool

    Handcrafted timeless gems which harken back to a simpler time when renowned craftsmanship and honored traditions were the norm and everything was made by hand. Beautiful, comfortable and the warmest hat you can ever wear.
    Shop Classic Wool Ski Hats

  • Comfort Shell™ Performance Fabric

    Comfort Shell™ is our proprietary performance fabric. It is the perfect blend of moisture management, anti-microbial and lightweight element protection. Comfort Shell is brushed on the inside which allows hollow core fibers to trap air, providing both insulation for warmth and moisture control for drying and cooling.
    Comfort Shell™ carries a certified Sun Protection rating of UPF 50+, using the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) - Test Method 183, testing standards.
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  • Faux Fur

    Man made fur-like fabric. No animals were harmed in the making of this fabric.

  • Hemp

    As one of the oldest domesticated crops, hemp is a natural fiber that is known for its durability and breathability.

  • Jute Straw

    Jute is derived from plants grown in the Ganges Delta and is the second most widely used fiber in the world, after cotton. Beloved for its rough look, its natural, durable and weather repellent properties make it perfect for headwear.
    Shop Jute Straw Hats

  • Linen

    Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant and is known for its lightweight feel making it a perfect fabric for warmer weather.
    Shop Linen Hats

  • Merino Wool

    All the great traits of wool but without the itch! Our premium grade merino wool has natural moisture management properties and is inherently warm, breathable and soft. 
    Shop Merino Wool Knit Hats

  • Micro Chelonia X2™ Fleece

    Micro Chelonia X2™ Fleece is a micro fiber midweight fleece that bridges the gap between performance fleece and classic fleece.

  • Micro Fur™ Pontetorto® TecnoFleece™

    Micro Fur Pontetorto® TecnoFleece is a lightweight, soft and durable fleece. It has optimal warmth-to-weight performance and is a premium Italian micro fleece. This superior micro-denier fleece is designed for the rigors of aerobic activity, with excellent shape retention and outstanding moisture management. Our Micro Fur TecnoFleece is brushed for softness, is breathable and dries quickly.
    Shop Micro Fur™ Fleece

  • Nepal Knits

    100% hand knit wool hats, lined with fleece. We work hand-in-hand with cooperatives in a remote region of Nepal to make our collection of artisan hats by hand. It's an arrangement that supports local economies and disadvantaged artisans and herders while allowing them to create goods for the global market.
    Turtle Fur Supports Nepal - Learn More

    Shop Nepal Artisan Wool Knits

  • Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton is grown free from the traditional pesticides and chemicals used in modern agriculture. 
    Shop Artisan Nepal Organic Cotton

  • Original Turtle Fur® Fleece

    Original Turtle Fur® Fleece is our classic fleece fabric. It is the softest, warmest, most loved fleece in all the land. It is our original, best selling, "asked for by name", spun acrylic fleece.
    Shop Original Turtle Fur® Fleece

  • Paper Straw

    Paper straw is made by rolling paper into a yarn to imitate the Palmata straw used to make traditional Panama hats. Paper straw is durable, lightweight, and looks great when dyed.
    Shop Paper Straw Hats

  • Playful Prints Fleece

    Playful Prints Fleece is a soft and warm midweight fleece with fun prints
    Shop Kids Playful Prints Fleece

  • Polartec® Classic 200 Fleece

    Polartec® Classic 200 Fleece is the standard for heavyweight warmth and breathability. It has distinctive surface textures on the outside and lofted fibers on the inside to trap air which helps in retaining body heat. It has proven durability, dries quickly and is machine washable.
    Shop Polartec® Classic 200 Fleece

  • Polartec® Thermal Pro® Grid Fleece

    Polartec® Thermal Pro® Grid Fleece has enhanced thermoregulating properties to reduce weight and increase warmth retention. The distinctive grid pattern traps air for superior lightweight warmth, high compression, and breathability.
    Polartec® Thermal Pro® Grid is made with 63% recycled content.

  • Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft Plush Fleece

    Polartec® Thermal Pro® High Loft Plush Fleece takes insulation to a new level. By utilizing a high loft fiber construction Polartec® developed a stunningly soft and fluffy fleece that compresses to pack easily in small spaces. Large air pockets created by the extended fibers retain optimal warmth to provide the highest warmth to weight ratio of any thermal fleece fabric available today. 

  • Polartec® Thermal Pro® Stria Fleece

    Polartec® Thermal Pro® Stria Fleece is the most visually dynamic and technically advanced of the Polartec® insulation fabrics. It maximizes warmth without weight, compression, and breathability. Stria is made with 53% recycled content.
    Shop Polartec® Thermal Pro® Stria Fleece

  • Polartec® Windbloc® Fleece

    Polartec® Windbloc® Fleece is designed to block 100% of wind and provide maximum protection from harsh elements and inclement weather. By embedding a breathable micro-porous laminate between a durable outer layer and lofted inner fibers Polartec® created a stronger balance between insulating warmth and performance stretch. This flexible versatility gives this protective fabric incredible resilience against the weather and abrasive elements without restricting comfort. The soft hand, stretch, and durable water repellent (DWR) finish combine to make this the highest quality, most comfortable windproof fleece on the market. Windbloc® is made with 82% recycled content.
    Shop Polartec® Windbloc® Fleece

  • Raffia Straw

    Raffia Straw is a premium straw native to the island of Madagascar and the eastern coast of Africa. Raffia straw, with its natural light brown coloration, is lightweight, durable, and pliable.
    Shop Raffia Straw Hats

  • Ramie

    Ramie is one of the oldest and one of the strongest natural fibers, believed to have originated in the Malay Peninsula at least six thousand years ago. Ramie is known especially for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and has a silky luster appearance similar to linen.

  • Ragg Wool

    Ragg Wool is a blended wool made of strands of wool and other synthetic fibers. It features a flecked look of lighter and darker strands.
    Shop Ragg Wool Knit Beanies

  • Silver-Tex™ with Polygiene®

    Silver-Tex™ with Polygiene® inhibits odors by guarding against the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mildew from perspiration. Naturally found silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride) is applied during the textile finishing process and maintains its properties throughout the life of the product.
    Shop Polygiene® Performance Accessories

  • Sun Shell™ Performance Fabric

    Sun Shell™ is our proprietary ultra lightweight, sun protective, performance fabric. It features great 4-way stretch, moisture management, anti-microbial finish...all with a silky hand. Sun Shell™ is made from 84% recycled material.
    Sun Shell™ carries a certified Sun Protection rating of UPF 50+, using the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) - Test Method 183, testing standards.
    Shop Sun Shell™ UV Performance Fabric

  • Super Lite

    Super Lite fabric utilizes a bi-component construction to enhance wicking and dry time. The inner side of the fabric is a waffle-weave that is brushed for our signature next-to-skin softness. The outer side of the fabric is designed to facilitate quick drying and evaporation of moisture.

  • Thermal Fleece

    Thermal Fleece is a anti-pill 200 weight fleece with a high warmth-to-weight ratio. Its characteristics include good stretch and recovery, dries quickly and is warm and comfortable.