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Overhood FAQs

Q: Why use ski overhoods?

A: An over helmet hood provides more protection against the snow and wind than a hat or neck warmer alone. It is designed to fit over a ski or snowboard helmet, offering a seamless covering for your face, head and neck. No matter what kind of tricks you try on the slopes, your overhood stays in place.

Q: Who are ski overhoods for?

A: A ski hood is great for skiers, snowboarders and anyone else who enjoys outdoor activities in the winter. If you spend a lot of time outside in cold, snowy, and windy winter weather, an over helmet hood protects you from the elements and keeps you warm and dry.

Q: How do I wear ski overhoods?

A: A ski helmet hood is the last layer you add to your upper body. The neck cowl is big enough to slide right over the top of your helmet. Once you get your ski fleece hood in place, you can adjust the fitting around your face using the cinch-cord.

Q: What materials are used in ski overhoods?

A: Turtle Fur hood is made from technical-quality fleece woven to keep out the wind. It is breathable and quick-drying, providing 50+ UPF and odor protection. Our comfort shell overhood has an external layer made from a polyester and spandex blend. These products all offer four-way stretch for ease of movement.

Q: What are the best outdoor activities to use ski overhoods?

A: You can use an over helmet hood for any activity that takes you out into cold, snowy or windy winter weather. It’s great for anyone who spends their winter days shredding the slopes, on cross-country skis, or traipsing across the snow on snowshoes.

Q: How do ski overhoods protect from the elements?

A: An overhood is a single accessory that fits over the head, neck and face, leaving no room for air or snow spray to get in around your neck or face. The fabric is designed to hold in your body heat while keeping the cold wind and snow out.