Working at Turtle Fur

Working at Turtle Fur

Everyday each person on the team at Turtle Fur is working together to fulfill our mission of inspiring an outdoor lifestyle by promoting socially and environmentally conscious living and creating comfortable products for every adventure(r). We are all invested in supporting adventure and community in our own ways and collectively we love to create the products we provide to people all over the world. 

We have team members that have worked here for a couple years to a couple decades. Read on below to see what they have to say about working at Turtle Fur.

"I love the company's commitment to DEI and the corresponding learning opportunities available to employees for our own personal growth." - Stephanie K. (3 years)

"In the winter, fortunately Stowe opens at 8am, so often I can get a few runs in at the hill and be sitting at my desk a few minutes after 9am.   In the summer, there’s a group of us who will Mountain Bike together at the end of the day a few times a week, as well as a variety of weekends." - Mike W. (3 years)  

"Genuinely team-oriented: we work together to resolve issues." - Megeen S. (8 years)

"I think it is like having a second family. We don’t hesitate to help one another." - Brandi D. (9 years)

"Whether it be via the Volunteer & Civic time policy, or just being able to maintain a flexible schedule, I feel supported in my volunteer efforts outside of Turtle Fur." - Mike W. (3 years)

"Working at Turtle Fur gives me an opportunity to be a part of helping more people be comfortable getting out and experiencing the joy of adventuring outside, specifically the pure joy that is sliding around on snow." - Colin G. (8 years)

 "Our benefits package is very supportive of work-life balance- generous paid time off, paid parental leave, dog friendly office, flexible work from home policy to name a few.  There is top down support from management in encouraging a healthy work-life balance." - Stephanie K. - (3 years)

"Terrific employee discount on all products; dog-friendly office; flexible work-from-home opportunities." - Megeen S. - (8 years)

"One of the things I enjoy the most is that I find my colleagues are constantly looking to improve.   Whether it’s around making the best product, increasing sustainability, or just leveraging new technology or programs to be better at their jobs."  - Mike W. (3 years)