Hats Off To Mom: The Turtle Fur Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Hats Off To Mom: The Turtle Fur Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Everyone loves Mom.

At the Turtle's Nest, we're constantly thinking about who in our own families would love the products that we get to spend all day with! We decided that we would put all the ideas to use and create a great list as a Turtle Fur 2016 Mother's Day Gift Guide! We tried to cover all the bases with the moms we included* in our new list.

*hint: they're reflections of our own moms! 


1. The Biking Mom

Putting safety first. Well, after you, of course.

We all know that mom's have one thing on their minds at ALL times: Safety.

Give your mom the gift of comfortable safety on her bike this mother's day with the awesome Brain Shroud helmet liner beanie! It's sweat-wicking, form-fitting, antimicrobial and super lightweight. The thin Comfort Shell fabric stretches for a custom fit and is brushed on the inside for a superior rich texture, so there's nothing but softness inside to enjoy. Another plus: The Brain Shroud's moisture management means her hair will be just beautiful when she gets off of her bike as it did before she hopped on!

The Totally Tubular is equally as necessary for Spring Riders! Don't let wind, pollution, rain or humidity ruin your mom's favorite activity. She'll be thankful to have her neck and face covered on those particularly nasty "transition days" where Spring seems to be hiding and shy.


2. The Runner Mom

Always on the run, literally & figuratively.

Help give mom a running start this season for a new personal best! The Turtle Fur sweat-wicking Comfort Shell Pony Tail Conquest Beanie would be the absolute perfect gift for moms who fly out the door without giving pause.

The Pony Tail Conquest is a serious sweat-buster with a comfy & soft interior to keep morning runs warm and afternoon runs cool. The Mane Event Beanie has a lighter and silkier feel made for the hot summer months, designed for athletes with humid weather in mind. The construction features ultra lightweight fabric that is sun-protective, breathable and silky smooth, so you're never weighed down while wearing it. These beanies also feature a hole in the back for mom to let her hair through while the UPF 50+ Sun Shell material protects from the sun and keeps her feeling fresh and energized through her routine! What's even better? Our Sun Shell fabric is composed of 70% + recycled materials - another gift in it of itself!

3. The Gardening Mom

Two Green Thumbs Up

Sun, dirt, insects and sweat can ruin what your mom might consider her absolute favorite past time in a hurry. Don't let mom sweat it out over her horticultural labor of love this Spring! Instead, pick up one of Turtle Fur's ventilated, wide brimmed bucket hats! These open mesh, straw & cotton panel hats are absolutely perfect for gardening and creating some personal shade on the hottest days.



4. The Outdoor Bookworm Mom

From beach combers to readers, we all know a mom who will be found outside this summer.


Is your mom often basking in the warmth of the sun all summer long? While soaking up the sun feels great, we all know that it's not so great for your skin. Help her stay outside where she wants to be this summer without having to re-apply the sunscreen for protection. Our wide-brimmed Vermont Collection hats feature differently shaped bills and varied woven brims that are strong and won't let mom's skin sizzle.

The Sand Jam (featured above) hat is 100% raffia, just like the Sun Walker - both great options for moms who like more subtle & timeless styles. Find more fashion in the big floppy Macie beach hat if she's looking for a classic addition with a little extra pzazz to her summer style! Even though our hats are each designed and made with a sturdy structure, we know that each Vermont Collection hat is always light and airy enough to let mom feel the breeze!


5. The On-The-Go Traveling Mom

If it doesn't fit, it doesn't ship.

The Backcountry Bandana from Turtle Fur is the best accessory to have on hand- high utility and fashion!


Impeccable packing skills, time management and endless motivation, the "traveler mom" is all around us - literally. Whether rushing to a business meeting, the airport or soccer practice- this mom needs a gift with utility that's on hand at all times. Give her a present she'll never forget OR have to think about, because it will always be tied to her pocket bag handle. The Backcountry Bandana is perfect as an emergency/"go-to" item for countless uses.

It's a bandana, a headband, a scarf, a hat, an emergency-spill napkin, a face mask, a "seated-next-to-the-flu-guy" life saver, kids tear-dryer, anti-microbial kerchief, post-gym face saver, and chic accessory all in one. On airplanes, the anti-microbial fabric will prove all but too tempting to rest over eyes while catching some much-needed sleep (while avoiding aisle 4's cough!). In the car, she'll quickly tie it around her neck in the rear-view mirror to spiff-up a 5pm outfit. When rain strikes, she'll always have something to tie around her hair (how Jackie O!) and the UPF 50+ material will protect her skin thanks to you!