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5 Turtle Essentials for the Adventurous Traveler

5 Turtle Essentials for the Adventurous Traveler

Summer vacation is fast approaching and for many that presents the perfect opportunity to check a new destination off your bucket list. Packing for the trip, however, is never nearly as exciting. It can be downright dreadful, especially when trying to pack for trips with multiple or new activities. We’ve all been there, staring at our luggage wondering if it will learn to pack itself. Maybe you’ve secretly thought it would be easier to cancel a trip than learn how to pack the elusive single carry-on. Well fear no more because we’ve compiled a list of headwear and beyond that make packing for activities easy without sacrificing style. We may not be able to help you narrow down the 24 shirts you have picked but rest assured that your Turtle Fur gear is not only versatile, but space efficient as well.


1. A Baseball Cap

    A good baseball cap is a timeless on-the-go necessity and can easily strap to the outside of a pack when you are not using it, making it incredibly travel friendly. Did you know a baseball cap has anti-aging properties? The brim of the hat blocks your skin from sun damage and helps to keep you from squinting. As we know, squinting leads to those pesky fine lines around our eyes. Okay, so you may not see baseball caps offered at your next spa experience, but it is a vital step in sun protection. Depending on where you are traveling to, showers may not be as readily available. For example, you could be backpacking, in a location experiencing a water shortage, or maybe you just value sleeping in a bit longer while on vacation. Whatever the reasoning, throwing on a cap is a good way to hide dirty hair and still look stylish.


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    2. A Headband

      A fun headband is one of the most convenient items you can throw in your luggage or carry-on. Not only is a headband the perfect accessory to transform an ordinary outfit into something dynamic, but it’s also very functional for activities. There is nothing worse than having to swipe hair or sweat off your face eight million times during an activity. It becomes distracting and takes away from the experience. Although seemingly small, any little distraction can become dangerous depending on what you are doing, especially high-risk activities. Headbands are my favorite for activities like biking, kayaking, and climbing when it is too hot for a full shell. I splurge and even throw a couple into my bag without feeling guilty because they take up virtually no room. Now, if only it was the same way when it came to my snacks.


      3. A Multi-Functional Gaiter

      Fly fishing Turtle Fur turtlefur gaiter summer

      We judge an item by its reputation, which is unfortunate because these “neck tubes” or “neck gaiters” are more versatile than we give them credit for. I, myself, have used them in a variety of locations and climates. They go hand-in-hand with deep sea fishing and are more efficient than reapplying layer after layer of sunscreen. In cooler scenarios, the lightweight material offers a nice barrier against the wind when a neck warmer is, well…too warm. If you opt to rent a moped or a motorcycle on your travels, a gaiter acts as a nice barrier between you and exhaust and bugs. So, unless you’re into wiping soot and squashed flies off your neck and face, I’d opt for a gaiter!

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      4.  A Classic Beanie




      turtlefur travel blog adventure in the outdoors turtle fur beanie

      We can’t get through the list without mentioning a classic beanie. A good beanie to me becomes more than just a hat, it becomes an extension of me. While they are my weakness, I assure you their place in your luggage is well deserved. Even in many warm locations, the evenings and mornings can be cool. I remember feeling silly when I packed a beanie for my road trip in the southwest but found it to be a life saver during the nights in the desert. Higher elevations will also be cooler. You may start a hike without one but find yourself wishing you had one at the summit. Even if you confidently believe you are not going to need a beanie at your destination, they are a travel necessity when you are trying to snooze. Airports are chilly, and layovers can be long. Just put in your headphones and pull down your beanie, and voilà, you are ready to catch some zzz’s. It may not be the Four Seasons, but it does help you sleep better by blocking the light and the chill from the air conditioners.


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      5. Camping & Hiking kits

      turtle fur biking adventure travel

      There's a ton of things you might need while traveling, but the most important is water, so we'll focus on that. While it’s not a wearable accessory, carrying a reusable water bottle is a fashionable statement. It’s no secret that our single-use plastic consumption is out of hand. Packing your own reusable water bottle is a great way to cut down on plastic waste and save money on your trip. It’s a small investment that pays off morally and financially. Win/win in our book. Like the baseball cap, the water bottle can be strapped to the outside of a carry-on, so it doesn’t take up valuable space inside the bag. It also provides an easy way to stay hydrated in airports since it can be refilled at water fountains throughout the day. A reusable water bottle is also fun to customize. Decorate your bottle with stickers from the locations you have traveled to with it. Don’t forget your Turtle Fur sticker!


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