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Choosing the Best Fabric for Activewear Accessories

Choosing the Best Fabric for Activewear Accessories

When you’re getting outside and working up a sweat, having the right gear is essential. You want to make sure you’re staying warm and dry, and that whatever you’re wearing isn’t holding you back from the task at hand. When we design our products, we look at key features that help you get outside and do what you love to do.

Best Fabric Features for Activewear

Moisture-wicking & Breathability

Even on the coldest of days, it’s possible to get a bit sweaty under all those layers, and damp skin can quickly lead to cold skin and frostbite. So how do you stay dry on those winter runs, early morning skins, and backcountry adventures? This is where moisture-wicking fabrics come into play. It mostly comes down to the fiber and fabric construction that makes an item “moisture-wicking”. When shopping, look for those words, and read a bit about the product details. These fabrics will draw sweat away from the skin to the fabric, which will dry quickly so that the fabric doesn’t get weighed down by moisture.


The last thing you want to worry about when grabbing an apres-ski cocktail or a post-run brew is carrying a funk about you. Sure, you worked hard and deserve that post-adventure drink. But you don’t want to be fretting about how you smell when celebrating your latest romp in the outdoors. Finding an odor-resistant fabric is key to success at keeping the funk at bay. Many of our active performance fabrics use an odor-resistant finish, which works hard to repel bacteria and germs.

Consider These Moisture-Wicking & Odor-Resistant Accessories & Fabrics

Head & Neck

Neck gaiters and lightweight beanies / liners are key for keeping moisture and funk at bay! Our Comfort Shell™, Merino Wool with Tencel™, and Alpha Tek™ MAX-DRI™ Totally Tubulars™ are three of our favorite neck gaiters for aerobic activities. In addition to both of these having an odor-resistant component and keeping moisture off your skin, they are also breathable and quick-drying – key properties for aerobic adventures.

Base layers

Less is more! Try and stick with lighter layers that pack a punch. Merino wool is a great option, as it is an inherently moisture-wicking fabric.


Wet feet is a direct path to an adventure cut short. Whether you’re skiing or riding and want to prevent frostbite, or running and hoping to prevent blisters, figuring out the ideal sock system is key. Consider getting silk liners to wear under your thicker ski or snowboard socks, if you’re heading on the mountain. Otherwise, try and stick to athletic socks or materials such as merino wool and certain synthetics/cottons. Many athletic socks also have an odor-resistant finish. Especially after a long day in the backcountry, taking off your ski boots and putting on comfy shoes for the drive home is nothing short of heaven. But if you can avoid stinking up the car, your friends will thank you. Figuring out what works for your feet might take a bit of trial and error, so be patient as you figure out what works best!

No matter what adventure you choose to embark on, having the right gear is key to comfort, warmth, and good memories. If your start your accessory search keeping in mind these two fabric properties – moisture-wicking and odor-resistant – you’re setting yourself up for success.

Stay dry, stay fresh, and we’ll see you outside.