06.28.17 - Easy & Super Fun DIY Lawn Games For Summer

06.28.17 - Easy & Super Fun DIY Lawn Games For Summer

Being outside during Summer is the best way to experience the season.

Sunshine & warm breezes keep friends and families out on the lawn from dawn til dusk. When you're having a group over to celebrate a weekend barbecue or July 4th, you might want to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your guests having non-stop fun while you're busy hosting.

We've put together a list of our top 5 simple DIY lawn games that everyone is sure to love. 

| Taken by Drew Coffman 

It's #1 on our top 5 list, because it's one of the most simple (and fun!) activities that ANYONE can pull off on a lawn. All you need is a roll of plastic, a hose and some shampoo for a great time sliding around in the sun ( or- use it to save a rainy summer and ditch the hose).


- If you're DIY Slip N Sliding down a hill, be sure to find a bale of hay (or 6) to stop your momentum and absorb your speed before you find yourself sliding in to Newton's First Law!

- Always use shampoo instead of any harsh soaps or detergents. Chemicals in laundry and dish detergents can cause burns on skin with prolonged exposure.


| Taken By Ryan Snyder

Corn Hole is one of those games that makes time spent in a backyard magical. When you turn the corner and see those two boxes sitting there and waiting for you- it's officially a party. Make your own with plywood and 2x4s (a jigsaw will be needed to get that perfect hole in there, too).


-Keep them DRY when you store them to avoid mold and rot getting the best of these beauties. 

This DIY step-by-step guide on how to make your own corn hole (aka bean toss) boxes is our favorite to date. 


| Taken by Photomaticographer

It's the game everyone played as a child- but all grown up, just like them! You'll love the hours of laughter and strategy that this game brings with it to any gathering. The best part? It's really just a bunch of cut up 2x4's! Run out to the hardware store and make the whole set for under $25!

We like this guide to DIY Giant Jenga here.


| Taken by Sam Beebe

 Horseshoes is simple to install and a no-brainer for any party with all sorts of people coming together. It's one game of skill that you pretty much don't have to explain! Another fun part of adding horseshoes to your backyard is the hunt for them at summer flea markets and antique shops!


-Spray paint the top of the horseshoes game posts in a bright color to help all adults, kids (and pets!) prevent injury by staying aware of their location on the lawn.


Taken By Jason Baker

Frisbee golf isn't just for the courses with baskets! You can make your own one or two hole frisbee golf course right in your own backyard! As long as there's something to aim for, there's a game in front of you.

Grab a frisbee and a laundry hamper- before you know it, there'll be a line behind you ready for their turn! With multiple frisbees, you'll all get to take turns (just like golf) from far-off "tee boxes" and work your way closer to the hole.



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