Fun Spring Activities for Families

Fun Spring Activities for Families

- by Zenovia Stephens of Black Adventure Crew

When I think of Spring, many things come to mind. As a kid, my family was big on Spring cleaning, so that's typically one of my first thoughts as the season approaches, but my thoughts are also filled with how my family will take advantage of the abundance of sunshine! There's nothing quite like the pleasures and renewal that come with Spring from more community activities, blooming flowers, and warmer temperatures; it's sure to be the season most everyone loves!

Fly Kites

Take advantage of a windy day by heading to your local park and flying kites. Kite flying is one of the simplest joys, and it's always fun seeing who can fly theirs the highest or longest. 

family flying kites in a field

Pick Fresh Flowers

Flowers are Springs art, and there's nothing better than going to a field to pick the flowers you like best. During this season, u-pick opportunities start opening up; check your local listings for a nearby tulip or lavender farm.

No local u-pick farms where you live? Take an early Spring hike and enjoy the emerging wildflowers from the trail! 

Become Backyard Birders

Did you know you didn't have to be a professional birder to enjoy bird watching? You don't, and you can enjoy doing it anywhere, including in your backyard! 

By planting various plants, setting out feeders, and a water source, you'll begin seeing new friends in no time. Make sure to keep your binoculars and camera nearby to capture your visitors. 

Fun ways to get kids excited about bird watching include:

  • Constructing a birdhouse together
  • Making and hanging bird pizzas
  • Make sure they have their own kid-sized binoculars
  • Create a birdbath from things you already have at home

You can also pick up a kid-friendly bird identification book or use the Seek app to help with IDing. 


Family Bike Rides

One of the best things I remember doing with my family is riding our bikes to the local ice cream shop. Spring is the perfect time to dust off the bikes and get active together after hibernating all winter indoors. Bonus points if the ride ends in ice cream as mine did!

If your bikes haven't been used in a while, consider a tune-up before your first ride. 

Themed Fun Runs

Speaking of getting active, fun runs usually are one of the highlights of the spring running season. They can serve as a great way to get everyone excited about moving their bodies and becoming your family's new favorite hobby. Themed can range anywhere from your holiday event runs to runs that include obstacles along the way. No matter what, there's something out there that can fit your family's needs. 

Take a Float in a Canoe

Canoeing can be relaxing and adventurous, making it one of the families' most customizable water activities. Pack some snacks, spend some time floating near the dock for an easy trip, or block out the day and set out for an adventurous paddle excursion the entire family will remember. 

Don't forget to pack those life jackets and protect your skin with sunscreen. 

Slow Down and Plan a Picnic

Picnicking in Spring is pure bliss! Freshly bloomed flowers and dewy grass provide the perfect backdrop for a day spent laying under the clouds and eating delicious foods with family. Be sure to pack bubbles and lawn games to keep the fun going. 

Forget store-bought bubbles and make your own! With just a few items from the pantry, you'll have the best bubbles ever in less than 10 minutes.

sitting in a park having a picnic

Expand your Pallet at the Farmers Market

The farmers market is an excellent source of local connection and community; it's also a fun way to get outside and try new foods. The best part? Everything is seasonal, so you can almost always find something new to try.

Plant a Garden 

You don't have to have a green thumb to have a garden, and kids are so much more inclined to try something they helped grow. Not only that, it's a mood booster and an easy way to help kids feel accomplished. 

Try a container garden if you want to keep your garden project fuss-free. Container gardens are simple to start, transportable, and use less space than a traditional in-ground garden.

container garden  

Whether you choose an activity from our list or another, the most important thing to remember is to make time for family and intentionally create memories. Time with children is limited, so take advantage of as many moments as you can now.

Happy Spring!