Top 5 Essential Mountain Tested Hiking Accessories

Top 5 Essential Mountain Tested Hiking Accessories

Whether you’re camping, going for a short hike, or backpacking through rough terrain, you’re going to need the right outdoor accessories to get you through the trip. The following are mountain tested hats, caps, headbands, and more! 

Top 5 Essential Mountain Tested Accessories

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  1. Tube Neck Gaiters
    1. Lightweight, breathable fabric.
    2. UPF 50+ Sun Protection
    3. Over 10+ ways to wear including:
      1. Neck Gaiter
      2. Face mask
      3. Hood
      4. Balaclava
      5. Headband
      6. Beanie
  2. Headbands
    1. Perfect for keeping sweat out of your eyes
    2. Dries quickly when wet
    3. Keeps your hair in place
  3. Caps
    1. Protects against sunlight, rain, and wind
      1. UPF 50+ Sun Protection
      2. Exposure to the sun can cause sunburn, leathery skin, and even skin cancer
      3. Roughly 9,500 cases of skin cancer each day in the U.S.
    2. Water resistant 
    3. Lightweight comfort in warmer weather
    4. Mesh sides and back for better breathability
  4. Polarized Sunglasses 
    1. Made by a 100% carbon neutral company
    2. Polarized lenses greatly reduce glare from the sun
    3. Non-slip design for comfort
    4. UV400 protection that blocks harmful rays
      1. UV is a known cause of cataracts - the slow clouding of the eye
      2. UV can cause photokeratitis, a temporary but painful feeling in the eyes
  5. Fleece Throw Blankets
    1. Single layer fleece for couch-comfort levels of warmth
    2. Lighweight, easily transportable in a pack
      1. Durable and sturdy, surviving years of washing/drying
      2. Keeps the insulation factors even when exposed to the elements
    3. Perfect for warm or colder weather