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We all know flannel is making its 5th "big come back" for this season's style- but what are you going to pair it with? Our staff picks will let you pair your on-trend outfits with the perfect cold-proof accessories.


1. Old School Forever: Vermont's Classic Knit Beanie

Vermont Made in the USA hand crafted knit hats

Hand crafted pieces of wearable Americana art
: That's at least how the Turtles here at Turtle Fur would describe the Vermont Originals® collection in its full glory. Each hat is made by knitters here in Vermont, USA in the traditional handcrafted manner passed down from generation to generation by knitters in the Northeast Kingdom. These 100% wool Vermont Originals® Knits are the perfect hats for cold weather. Did we mention they're lined with fleece? Yeah, between the perfect fit on this toasty addition and your favorite plaid shirt, there's no fearing winter this year!



2. The Perfect Match Merino

Merino Wool Hat in Retro Ski Classic Traditional Style an Fashion

Naturally quick drying and anti-microbial, Merino wool is an incredible fabric to have keeping you warm. Turtle Fur's Merino Hat collection has something for everyone: from color to weight, your perfect match is waiting for you this season. With beautifully knit patterns and highly detailed design, you'll be excited to know that the inside is equally as impressive: it's lined with fleece!

The fleece lining at the ears (with full lining available for other styles) assures that you get all the warmth without the itch. We love our Merino wool hat collection for its diverse selection; including fun pom + tassel choices, classic Nordic patterns adorning the exterior to more contemporary designs with wild colors. What really has us hooked is this product's ability to always be the "right" hat for every weather event.

Though they feel lightweight on hand, the Turtle Fur Merino Wool hats always manage to keep you in your comfort zone no matter what the forecast threatens. Just how they always seem to be the PERFECT weight and coverage regardless of temperature or weather? It’s the Merino magic.

Blizzard? Pull that Merino hat out.

Windy? A Merino hat is in order!

Raining? Get the Merino!

From après-ski to the express lane, you'll want to feel the difference it makes to have that extra layer of warmth and softness on your head.

With so many designs and patterns, it will take no time for you to find the perfect one to pair with some duck boots and a pullover for your morning coffee and commute.



3. "The Hat" - aka the Original Turtle Fur Fleece Watchcap

The warmest fleece hat ever



It's ready for anything. No, really - anything. You won't believe the warmth that you hold on to whilst wearing the Original Turtle Fur® fleece hat.

For serious cold, The Hat is a total game-changer. Here in Vermont, we are no strangers to -20F days throughout the most brutal months of Winter. We get by with a little help from our fleece. When worn in the traditional watch-cap style, the thick, plush and luxuriously soft Original Turtle Fur® Fleece is doubled up at the ears as a cuff (alternatively worn un-cufffed as a pushed back slouchy style hat) providing you with wind blocking, heat trapping protection and unbeatable comfort for your time spent outside this season. You'll never lose this hat - because it's the one you can count on year after year.

While some people think that they already know what warmth feels like in the dead of Winter, we invite them to give this hat a spin and see if they end up breaking a sweat! When the goal is to stay warm, comfortable, wind-protected and dry, there's no beating the original.




4. Extras: Here, There, Everywhere



Stay warm skiing in a neckwarmer

Before you stick out your neck for just any old invite to the mountain this season, make sure that you've got yourself covered for the trip! Our wide variety of necks, neck warmers, cowls, tubes, buffs, gaiters (whatever you want to call them!) have always been the bread and butter of Vermont-based Turtle Fur. We know the cold, and the right neck warmer can help to seal in all of your hard-earned heat and wick sweat at the same time to keep you comfortable and dry. Find your perfect neck warmer or multi-functional headwear piece match here.




Stainless Steel water bottles for skiing and winter activities

Stay hydrated while you're out there experiencing the season in full force with one of our water bottles from Mizu®, Vapur® and Klean Kanteen®. Our Gear page has a colorful cornucopia of items that were made to keep you prepared for anything on-the-go.



Warm Fuzzy Soft Hoodie

Treat yourself to a luxuriously warm and cozy experience in our über soft fleece hoodie! You won't want to take it off after you feel the brushed interior against your skin. Perfect for throwing on before running out the door, layering up with, hanging out for your après-ski on the mountain or just chilling at home with friends.



The softest and warmest fleece blankets on Earth !

Some blankets drift casually around the house- others are reserved for prime real estate. The incredibly warm and soft blankets from Turtle Fur go above and beyond the call of coverage and ensconce the snuggler in heavenly warmth, all at the (soft) hand of our luxurious Original Turtle Fur fleece and other prime fleece options. Whether its for you or a gift for someone who loves to cuddle up with throws, it will be a cherished staple of hard-earned down time.

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