Turtle Fur's 300lb + Thanksgiving Donation

Turtle Fur's 300lb + Thanksgiving Donation

As the Turtles sat around the Turtle Fur HQ conference table during a meeting about the upcoming 2016 Factory Sale, the question arose about this year's food donated food collection program at the event.

As a family of outdoor Turtles, it's only natural that we thought about the families celebrating Thanksgiving in need who would be able to use donated food items in their Thanksgiving meal. Taking it a step further, however, was in the works once we all realized that our four-legged outdoor companions were also our dear family members! With so many animals in need around the holidays, we all wanted them to have a bite to eat, too. It was during that discussion that the decision was made to have an "Everybody Eats This Thanksgiving" theme for the donations to be collected at the door of the November 5th & 6th Factory Sale!

After discussing the donation idea with our local food share, Lamoille County Food Share and our local animal animal shelter, North Country Animal League, we knew exactly what to ask all of you for. The word was put out that non-perishable food items and treats for pups and cats alike were all in great need at both facilities. We accepted donated food for all, offering a free fleece headband per donation at our event. 

Now that the Factory Sale is behind us and the results are in for the amount of food stuffs collected during the sale, we can't believe how much was collected!

We are excited to report that the two days of food collection totaled over 300 lbs of donated non-perishables for ALL members of our Vermont families out there!

We would also like give a heartfelt thanks to all of those who came out and participated in the donation, as your actions will be the difference for many this Thanksgiving.