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When the cold of winter arrives keep your little angels warm with a soft, comfortable face mask from our kids balaclava collection. Our winter gear is made from only the best quality materials. These are perfect for a day of skiing or snowboarding, as a pair of goggles will fit perfectly over the eye opening.

Any kids ski mask we offer is designed with protection as the priority. This means that your child will be properly insulated against the elements, even in the middle of a snowstorm. We at Turtle Fur® know that kids can sometimes be fussy about their layers, and that's why each of our kids balaclava products is comfortable and snug. That's less itchiness and irritation for the little ones and less grief for you.

If the sleek black traditional balaclava coloration doesn't do it for your kids, you can pick from a variety of different colors, including purple, red, blue, pink, grey, and green. We have dozens of different patterns and designs, such as arrows, rainbow hearts, rocket ships, and dinosaurs.