Warm Halloween Costumes for Kids in Cold Weather

Warm Halloween Costumes for Kids in Cold Weather

- by Torie Reynolds

It’s one of the most magical, spooky, fun, and sugar-shocking days of the year – Halloween. Trick or Treat night is when some of the best childhood memories are made. Walking through the neighborhood with best friends and siblings, eating so much candy you make yourself sick, and, of course, dressing up as your favorite TV/Movie character, creature, athlete, sorcerer, beast, etc. But what happens when the weather takes a turn for the worse? Cold weather can, and often does, strike before the spookiest night of the year, and it’s good to prep your child’s costume with a fail-safe, cold-weather element. Below are 10 costume ideas that include a cozy accessory to keep their head warm.

10 Cozy Warm Halloween Costumes for Kids

  1. Polar Bear
  2. Thing 1 and Thing 2
  3. Lumberjack
  4. '70s workout enthusiast
  5. Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse
  6. Bank robber
  7. Dinosaur
  8. Stick figure
  9. Spider
  10. Grogu

Polar Bear

An adorable polar bear walking down the streets of your local neighborhood? What could be cuter?! (No, seriously, we can't think of anything.)

For this cute, fluffy, cozy outfit, let's start from the top down. First off, our kids' Fluff Balls Pom Beanie to keep their head warm (and go with the look). Pair it with a white plush pullover and white leggings (both available from Old Navy).

kids polar bear costume items

Thing 1 and Thing 2

A cute and simple costume, especially for two kiddos (or you and your little one). There are some pretty inexpensive pre-designed shirts you can buy (check out Etsy for tons of options and sizing) but if you’re feeling just a little bit crafty, you can quickly DIY this Dr. Seuss inspired look at home. All you need is a basic red t-shirt or long sleeve, and some white and black puffy paint. The warm and cozy pièce de résistance? A blue beanie like this, this, or this. They’ll love the look, you’ll love that they’re protected from the chill.

Oh, and this is an easy one for parents, too! Here are some great blue beanie options for mom and dad.


Being a lumberjack for Halloween isn't so hard when a lot of it is hiding in your closet! We chose these super comfy Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls, a plaid flannel shirt from Amazon, and a Turtle Fur beanie to finish off the look – we recommend Harper for your 7-12 year old or this simple black beanie for your 3-6 year old.

This is also a great option for the Trick or Treating chaperone! Grab a black beanie and throw on your favorite overalls and flannel, and you have yourself a last-minute costume.

kids lumberjack costume items

‘70s workout enthusiast

This is a fun outfit that the whole family can participate in. It’s warm, cozy, and retro – all in an bright, athletic package. Start with a colorful and warm headband like the Turtle Fur Upper Half or the Reversible I’m With the Band (and if your kid already has a lightweight neck tube, you can scrunch it up as a headband as another option). To complete the look? Grab a  one-piece swimsuit (the brighter the better), some fun and cozy tights, and leg warmers to complete the look.

Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse

Disney called and then want their cute and adorable mouse back! This costume is as easy as it is cozy. Kids love these two friendly mouses, so why not deck them out in one of the classics? You can easily pull things out of the closet to complete this look: black leggings and pullover, red shorts, white gloves, and a black beanie. It’s easy enough to add mouse ears with some felt, cardboard, and safety pins, or you can buy a Mickie/Minnie headband to put over the black beanie.

Want to spice this outfit up? Add white felt patches to the red shorts, or buy a red and white polka dot tutu.

kids warm minnie mouse costume items

Bank robber

A playful take on a mischievous role. The bank robber is truly as easy as it gets and can be put together with closet staples. Black jeans, black top, black beanie? Check. Grab an old pillowcase and a sharpie, add a dollar sign, and call it a day. Easy, quick, cozy, and fun.


Go prehistoric with a classic dinosaur look. All you need is the Dr. Dino earflap beanie (complete with fabric spikes along the top) a green onesie, some fabric markers, and a little bit of felt! It’s easy to make this into a fun DIY project, and you can involve your child along the way. They’ll love the costume even more because they got to help create it!

As for the rest of the costume, Ginger Snap Crafts has a great tutorial on how to add dino spikes to the onesie, really completing the look. With simple felt triangles and a hot glue gun, your child can be decked-out-dino, head to toe.

kids dinosaur costume items

Stick figure

A similar top to bottom approach as the bank robber – all black from beanie to pants. Then it’s time to get some white electrical tape and create your stick figure outline! In order to not have a headless wonder, you’ll need some black posterboard, scissors, more white electrical tape, and an old pair of sunglasses (or a cheap pair from your local Dollar Store).

Cut out a circle in the posterboard slightly larger than your kid’s face. Cut out holes for the eyes (and make sure your kid can safely see out of them). Use the tape to outline the eye holes and edge of the face, then make a smile. Tape or hot glue the face to the old sunglasses (pop out the lenses first!). This avoids needing to tie a string around the mask.

This is another great option for the whole family! Check out black beanies for parents here.


One of our favorite spooky creatures, the spider is a Halloween favorite. This one takes a bit more creativity, but we promise it’s worth it! It is another top to bottom all black approach – beanie, shirt, pants. But the spookiest part of spiders? We say it’s a tie between the eyes and the arms, so having both is a must to finish off this outfit. One Crazy Mom has a great tutorial on how to complete this Halloween look.


The cutest, most charming Star Wars creature on the block. It’s a fun option for the super-fan in your household (or the toddler who isn’t old enough to know just how much you love Star Wars…yet). Start with a light green beanie, like the Andre. Buy some matching light green felt and safety pin on those iconic large ears. This might be the coziest outfit of the bunch, as it includes a soft and fluffy robe. Try and find a light brown or beige floor length robe to stay as close to the look as possible. Finish off the outfit with leggings and slippers, and you have yourself The Child.

We hope these easy, last-minute costumes provide some warmth for your little one (and you!) this trick or treat night. Happy Halloween!