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Turtle Fur's Green Up Day

Turtle Fur's Green Up Day

Spring Cleaning, Anyone?

The Turtles of Turtle Fur made their mark on Vermont's 46th annual Green Up Day 2016. Green Up Day is a community-based Vermont State tradition originating in 1970 and proposed by Governor Deane C. Davis. Vermont was the first state to designate a day to cleaning up its own land, and since being introduced, has successfully continued every May!

In preparation of Green Up Day, local Town Clerk's Offices around Vermont distribute green plastic trash bags to employees and residents, which they use to collect all of the discarded matter outside. If not for the efforts and help of all the volunteers, the trash would otherwise stay put and add up. Trash is cleared from the sides of roads, on front lawns, in trees, public parks, private roads, drains & curbs. Bottom line? An hour of everyone doing their part helps to keep the Green Mountain State green, and just in time for the beautiful Spring season!

All walks of life participate in Green Up Day; VT companies in particular love to unite their workforces in the do-gooder spirit and always participate. Families clean on Green Up Day as well, which serves as a great learning lesson about the realities of littering for children.

This year, the Turtles accomplished a clean up collection beyond their wildest expectations: nearly 15 green bags were filled with trash! On top of the bags, Turtle Fur also filled two carts and two large tarps of rubbish, all of which was removed from areas in Morrisville, VT where Turtle Fur is headquartered.


Green Up Day with Vermont's Turtle Fur Company!

Best finds among the rubble?

Every year there are more than a few laughs shared when the Turtle Fur employees gather to compile their green bags. Chuckles and gasps of disbelief can be heard from outside the building as the Turtles review the most bizarre items found lying in wait outside. Last year, for example, a 1920's sewing machine was retrieved from under a bush nearby to Turtle Fur's offices, covered in dirt and gnarled roots!

This year's top of the list items included a bicycle wheel in its entirety (who left without a wheel?), a plastic pallet, shopping carts from an unknown store, truck tires, old car seats, a pair of safety cones and believe it or not, warm weather!

 Green Up Day in VT with Turtle Fur!



To learn more about Green Up Day in Vermont, visit the program's website here.