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Turtle Fur Responds to Second Earthquake in Nepal

May 14th 2015Update to 04/29/2015 Press Release - In its ongoing commitment to Nepal, Turtle Fur® has made an additional donation of $5,000 to aid in relief efforts for those affected by the second major and most recent earthquake in Nepal.

Turtle Fur Donates Towards Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort

April 29th 2015- Turtle Fur® has made an initial donation of $10,000 to aid in relief efforts for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Through its Artisan Hand Made Nepal Collection, Turtle Fur® maintains a long-standing relationship throughout Nepal, making the earthquake’s relief effort a personal commitment for the company. As a member of the international business community, Turtle Fur® stands with the world in its desire to help the people of Nepal rebuild their proud nation.

About Turtle Fur®
Turtle Fur® is a privately held Vermont-based company. The company maintains its position as a leader of over 30 years in the Outdoor and Snow Sports industry, specializing in technical, performance-fabric and knit headwear and accessories. Turtle Fur® prides itself in its roots of innovation, quality, creativity and community while upholding a respect for the planet and its people.

Contact: Josh Pombar, Marketing Director
Phone: 802-888-6400 ext. 7034

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