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Beautiful outdoor scenery calls for an equally beautiful tight beanie to complement your adventures. No matter the season, a warm hat keeps you comfortable on chilly days while you ski the slopes, work in your garden or camp and hike.

Featuring a single-layer crown and double-layer ear covers, our warm Brain ShroudTM skull caps provide rapid moisture-wicking and evaporation, making them the perfect companions for any hot activity on a cold day. Our Comfort ShellTM fabric offers an ideal balance between warmth and breathability to prevent overheating. These hats are slim enough to fit in your backpack, briefcase or purse, and can even be worn under your helmet while you snowboard or ride your motorcycle.

Are you looking for a tight beanie but concerned about finding the right fit? Don’t worry! Our warm beanie hat provides a four-way stretch that conforms to heads of many shapes and sizes. We even offer sizes to cover your whole family! Our “Kids” hats fit ages 3 to 6 while our “Youth” options fit ages 7 to 12. No matter who needs it, we have the hat that’s sure to fit.