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The trapper hat has a long and interesting history. First worn by, you guessed it, trappers, in the 1600s, they became a fashion darling when early aviators donned them to keep their ears warm in open cockpits. Nothing was as dashing as Charles Lindbergh in his leather aviator cap. Soon the Russian all-fur ushanka hat came on the scene and consumers everywhere were scrambling to get this fully fur trapper hat into their wardrobes. Warm and waterproof, no one cared that they were a little, well, bushy.

Welcome to the 21st century where a Turtle Fur® winter trapper hat is cozy, comfy, and practical. Enjoy the Gianna Pom Earflap made of a merino wool blend. Merino is well-known for being one of the softest wools around. Best of all, merino doesn't even itch. Your ears will appreciate this stylish cable-knit cap. For the youngsters in your life, check out the Toddler Chomp Chomp Beanie and the Kids Dr. Dino Earflap. Both are constructed of an uber-soft acrylic that children will love to wear. Don't skimp on warmth this season. A trapper hat from Turtle Fur is just what the doctor ordered to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your ears.