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Dressing your kids in weather-appropriate attire can be challenging when it is cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. These variable temperatures call for lots of layers. Wearing layers, after all, makes it easy to quickly modify your children's outfits so they are comfortable even when the weather changes rapidly. At Turtle Fur, we offer two styles of active performance tops for kids and quarter-zip jackets that are must-have layers.

On warmer days, slip a comfort shell quarter-zip jacket over your children's heads. These long-sleeve jackets are easy to take on and off and are warm yet breathable. When you add in their anti-microbial, UV-resistant, and four-way stretch properties, this gear will no doubt become a staple in your household. Choose from multiple eye-catching patterns, such as cactus and forest animal designs.

For cooler weather, a kids fleece jacket may be in order. Our kids outdoor fleece outerwear is made of Micro Fur fleece and features anti-pilling technology. On top of all that, they come in a wide range of fun colors, including lime green, coral, and blue.