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Kids are natural characters just brimming with energy and imagination. You might know how to keep them safe from the elements, but they know what they like. For most kids, that isn’t wearing a mask or hat. When their skin itches from rough fabric or they start sweating while they are hard at play, the first things to go are the accessories that are supposed to keep them protected. Kids need face masks and hats that perform well against the elements but are comfortable enough that your kids will keep them on.

At Turtle Fur, we work to make both you and your kids happy with our outdoor gear. We make high-performance masks and hats that are also super comfy and fun. From a dinosaur beanie with warm ear flaps to a double-layer unicorn pom, you won’t have trouble finding beanies your children will love.

Our everyday face masks are designed for all-day comfort and come in a wide range of prints. With adjustable straps, you can be assured of getting the perfect fit every time. With Turtle Fur gear, you can let your kids express themselves while knowing they are protected from the elements.