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What makes a mens trucker cap, anyway? Isn't it just like a baseball cap? Similar in design with six-gore construction, trucker caps and baseball caps have a few differences. Trucker hats have a foam section in the front that stands taller than typical caps. This is where feed companies would put their logos back in the day when they gave these hats out as promotional materials. Four of the gores on a trucker hat are made of plastic mesh, for ventilation, and they always have a snapback. Last, but not least, trucker hats lack the button, called a squatchee, that sits on top of a baseball cap.

Good thing Turtle Fur understands trucker hats for men, because we've got a nice selection of them to tempt you. Choose from landscapes inspired by the open road or catchy sayings. Either way, you'll be ready for the long haul with our cool trucker hats for men. While it's true that many a trucker wants to look good, sitting up there in the cab, style alone is not the only reason to wear a hat. You'll enjoy the curved bills that protect your eyes from road glare and setting suns. Happy trails!