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Keeping up with physical fitness during the winter months can pose a challenge to those who hate going out in the cold. For men trying to stay in shape during those extra chilly winter days, Turtle Fur® has designed an athletic-grade men’s neck warmer that will keep you warm and dry when weather conditions are especially harsh. With dozens of colors and multiple material options to choose from, you're sure to find a neck gaiter that is perfect for your active lifestyle.

A men’s neck warmer scarf is ideal for outdoor activity when the temperatures drop. Whether you are running, hiking or simply going out for a brisk walk, an athletic gaiter can be worn in a variety of ways. Wear the gaiter high over your face to protect your ears, nose and mouth from the chill of wind or snow. If you need some fresh air, simply pull the neck down low to uncover your face, grab a drink of water and feel the cold breeze against your skin. Browse our men’s neck gaiter collection to find your perfect fit for any cold wintertime activities, including walking, biking and cycling, outdoor sports, and winter runs.