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When the weather outside takes on a chill, even the most active outdoor families seek out the warmth. Finding the right accessories for your winter gear keeps everyone happy while they’re frolicking in a fresh blanket of snow, stomping around in snowshoes, or cozied up next to the fire on a cold-weather camping trip. Winter fleece covers all the bases for protection in chilly temperatures. Your toddler won’t mind wearing mittens when they discover how soft Turtle Fur® fleece is, and the whole family will love the comfort and warmth of a fleece neck warmer. There is no need to let the chill in the air drive you indoors when you’ve got the protection that fleece clothing provides!

The Original Turtle Fur® fleece fabric was designed with warmth in mind. We created a material that does a superior job at keeping the heat right where you need it, next to your body. Our fleece is made of 100% acrylic. It is efficient at warming you up, and it is also insanely soft. We created our first products made from this material back in the 80s, and our original fleece is still considered the softest, warmest fabric around. Don’t worry, if you also need breathability, UPF protection, and anti-microbial action, we’ve got you covered there too!