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Your pint-sized explorer may wear mittens, a hat, and a fluffy coat, but he or she can experience chills wherever there is exposed skin! Consider adding a toddler neck warmer to the ensemble to keep your little one’s neck warm in winter weather. A neck gaiter, which may be informally referred to as a “neck warmer”, is simply a thin piece of cloth worn around the neck. These accessories are often used in place of a scarf for those who simply don’t like scarves or for those who like removing scarves (such as small children). A toddler gaiter may help alleviate their discomfort when wearing a long scarf as it stays securely placed around their neck to provide much-needed warmth to a vulnerable area of the body.

Turtle Fur® provides toddler neck warmers in a variety of colors and materials. We offer fleece gaiters as well as ones made with Comfort Shell™ fabric that offers protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Choose between solid colors, patterns, and ultra-soft fleeces for the coldest days.